Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Update #12

Three more Kotei, and we’ve got the results of all of them. Crane picked up thanks to a push by some solid players at the Twin Cities Kotei. Scorpion had a nice positive jump too (may bode even better for them once Den of Iniquity is available). Biggest fall-off was Dragon. Crab pushed ahead with more wins.

You may have noticed that this is Update #12 again.  I managed to skip 11 in my numbering, so I’m correcting that here (and last week’s updated has been re-labeled as #11).

Note: there’s no “whole environment” chi-square standardised residual value this week, as I’m re-evaluating what calculation to display there.

Emperor Edition Environment
Players % of Field Made Cut Won % Made Cut Chi-Square Standard Residual
Crab 357 14.5% 96 9 26.9% 2.43
Crane 211 8.6% 24 0 11.4% -3.05
Dragon 266 10.8% 60 9 22.6% 0.56
Lion 301 12.2% 73 5 24.3% 1.24
Mantis 250 10.2% 53 6 21.2% 0.07
Phoenix 259 10.5% 60 3 23.2% 0.76
Scorpion 317 12.9% 69 5 21.8% 0.30
Spider 214 8.7% 25 1 11.7% -2.97
Unicorn 250 10.2% 49 3 19.6% -0.48
Unaligned 34 1.4% 2 5.9%
2459 511 20.3%

Make the Cut Rate Rankings
1) Crab – 27%
2) Lion – 24%
3) Phoenix – 23%
4) Dragon – 23%
5) Scorpion – 22%
6) Mantis – 21%
7) Unicorn – 20%
8 ) Spider – 12%
9) Crane – 11%

15 thoughts on “Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Update #12

  1. Stay FREE Crane LOL.

    Seriously, I feel bad for the non military decks out there. And Crab’s dominance is just plain annoying with the boost they got from EoW.

  2. Man, it’s going to suck for the Crab when the DT overreact as they always do and nerf them into the ground. The Dragon too.

  3. Well, boost or no boost, for Crane it still makes no difference. We are dead last and with no win, even behind Spider. And as you say, soon the DT will overreact (like in CE), we will win half a Kotei season, and then we will have to pay for it for the three next years again. 🙁

    1. I disagree with the “DT overreact” premise in general, but even if we assumed that it was true, I’m not sure where the paying for it for three years again part is coming from. If Crane gets something broken before next Kotei season, that would be they were “punished” by having bad decks for only one year between periods of dominance.

      More importantly, even if you’re worst, it does matter how bad you are, because that affects how far aware you are from being decent/good. And if Crane has another weekend of good players playing Crane to make a point, you might lose that worst designation. 😉

      1. Point me to an example of the current DT being able to bring a weakened clan up to speed without making them completely busted (Crane – CE) or failing miserably (Spider – SE, Scorpion – CE), or an attempt of theirs to print meta for a problematic decktype that actually worked (Breeder – CE, which didn’t work, but saw so much boxable hate over the course of the arc that barely slowed Breeder at all but made boxables, especially military boxables, nearly worthless, the thing that hurt breeder was people actually playing dishonor), and I’ll concede maybe they don’t overreact.

        1. But the problem is, they do. Free attachments (Kyuden Hida) and recursion (Dragon Kensai) is going to see a hit in the next expansions because they’re winning so much, or the DT will attempt to meta them and fail miserably. Crane and Spider will either get super boosted and be nearly broken, or they’ll get to sit in last place for the rest of the arc.

          Because that’s what the history of this DT has shown us. There’s no middle ground, it’s all or nothing.

  4. OK, maybe I am over reacting. I have played only since the time Glory of the Empire was released, and since then, Crane has been actually dominating for about three months (a bit more than half of the last kotei season). But at no time in that admittedly short experience was a Crane deck able to win by all victory conditions and place top 2 in a Kotei like we are currently seeing with Crabs. I do think that, even if you take into account freak events and fits of luck and really good players playing Crane or what not, this environment is not fair.

  5. Part of the problem too is that (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), while most Crane players *want* to play dueling, they are too afraid to have to need to sometimes extend across the table and take that provience.
    Crane Magistrates have been given military force for a *reason*.

  6. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t played dueling since CE. I have tried mostly KOxp and Hidden Falls Dojo and while they are both fun to play (and slightly better with EoW cards), they are not able to threaten consistently the monster decks you can see in Crab player’s hands or the fast ones that Lions can build easily. And of course, attacking (as you propose) against Shiro Chugo is pure suicide. As for the military force of the Crane Magistrates, while it is a bit more than in CE, it is nothing that can threaten even a basic defensive deck, used to stop Berserkers or Naval units.

    1. I would disagree with this statement. Although yes, military would not be the primary win condition (If I mislead you to this being my thought process, I apologize), Crane Magistrates still have the force to take an open provience from military players (I took two from a Shiro Chugo player at the Twin Cities Kotei and won by honor while maintaining all 4 proviences of my own), and also has the dishonor mechanisms to hurt any honor player foolish enough to try and defend a provience with no means of escape (this happened in one of my matches as well and I inflicted ~6 honor loss to my opponent as well as took the provience, and inflicted another ~6 at another battle that I attacked at). So more or less, Crane Magistrates *can* do it, they just can’t include any of the courtiers (except Munemori because 3F + awesome action = win!) unless the player wants to risk losing that military force they desperately need to take proviences, especially against honor as generally other honor runners are faster.

  7. I see what you mean, I think. You use the military grab to slow down your opponent, not to advance your own victory condition. I guess I’ll have to try that. You will forgive me my skepticism, as I remember vividly the “dueling military” of CE (out of the Disneyland SH) which proved to be as short lived as it was weak. I apologize if I sounded bitter.

    1. Not at all, I understand the skepticism completely. A lot because of that Crane has not worked that way (as far as I know, and I’m reletively new as of late SE) for much of the history of the game. Going pure military would only be against other honor, but that is only as a side venture: if they defend -> gain honor! If not -> take provience!
      On your side note of SWC: No doubt it was frustrating for us all, you have the entire Crane playerbase’s sympathies there… including mine.

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