Episode 046 – 428 Bottles (Part 1)

Strange Assembly Episode 046 (428 Bottles – Part 1) is now available for download.  By popular demand, we bring you a straight-up set review of Emperor Edition, with the benefit of some tournaments to hone the commentary.  Join Chris, Trevor, Jay, and Justin for a rapid-fire run through the base set launching the Age of Conquest.

Strange Assembly – Episode 046 – 428 Bottles (Part 1)

7 thoughts on “Episode 046 – 428 Bottles (Part 1)

  1. A huge server crash gets me the day off and part one of the EE set review is up. Could this be the happiest day of my life. (Looks at picture of daughter) and Trevor is involved. We have a new winner!

  2. If you want to follow along and actually see the cards in the same order we were looking at them while reviewing them, we just went off of the Kolat Edition PDF.

    1. One of the perils of writing/podcasting – recorded evidence of all your opinions. 😉

      And you haven’t even gotten to the part where we specifically talk about WED. 🙂

      1. I’m sure it will prove entertaining. I personally have no faith in DBC for Magistrate decks. One honor every player turn through Horume is much more annoying for the enemy. That can add up to 10~12 honor depending on how the game plays out. If they refuse, I still get 1 and they are now weaker to my actions. If they accept, then I get one and take care of an attacker. DBC’s honor gain is pretty unreliable. Both boxes are compatible with Ruya’s reaction as well.

        But that’s just me. I’d like to see more Horume-ish personalities to make the box really power on.

  3. Thanks. I enjoyed listening, even if I didn’t always agree (Moto Tetsuo is great!)

    One comment I’ll make is that I think you sold Yoritomo’s Guidance a bit too much. Great for ST, but many (most?) competitive KL decks are running Jurojin’s instead.

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