Emperor Edition Decklists #1

And now for the first of our post collecting well-performing decks from the Emperor Edition environment.  There a lot of decks and a lot of variety that has been posted about the web lately – 12 decks from 8 clans (sorry Dragon), and none of those decks duplicated.

Spider Monksai – Jason Pere – Feeding Hills Kotei T2

The Spider’s Web
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters


3x Shinomen Marsh
3x Temple of Harmony
3x Heavy Infantry Dojo
3x Akodo’s Grave
1x Stolen Property
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Temples of Gesi Toshi

1x Imperial Gift
1x Glory of the Shogun
1x Ryoshen’s Guidance
1x Second City

3x Sandayu
3x Sutigu
3x Yamazaki
3x Nishimura
3x Ninube Onchi
3x Omigawa
1x Tetsuo xp
1x Daigotsu Kanpeki
1x Daigotsu Hotako


3x Satoshi’s Dual Warfans
3x Nightingale Blade
3x Cursed Relic
3x Wyrmbone Katana
2x Modifications
1x Blade of Champions

3x Readied Steel
3x Again!
1x Creating Order
2x Broken Alliance
2x Brave New World
3x Hundred-Fold Cut
3x Near Miss
3x Never Beyond My Reach
2x Retribution
2x Encircled Terrain

1x Ring of Water


Battle Maidens – Jean-Baptiste Laroche – Rennes Kotei T4

Plains of the Maiden
1 x Border Keep – exp(FL)
1 x Bamboo Harvesters(Emperor)

Dynasty (40)

1 x Jurojin’s Wisdom
1 x Shinjo’s Guidance – exp

1 x Alter History
1 x Imperial Gift

2 x Ageless Shrine
1 x Chugo Seido
2 x Rugashi Bazaar
3 x Silk Works
3 x Stables
1 x Stolen Merchandise
1 x The Seekers’ Temple
1 x Traveling Peddler

1 x Daigotsu Gyoken – exp2
1 x Daigotsu Hotako – exp3
1 x Moto Naleesh
1 x Moto Xiao – exp
2 x Tadatsugu
3 x Utaku Eun-ju
3 x Utaku Ji-Yun
1 x Utaku Liu Xeung – exp
3 x Utaku Mai
3 x Utaku Ryoko
3 x Utaku Tsukiko

Fate (40)

1 x A Game of Dice
2 x A Paragon’s Strength (E)
2 x Broken Alliance
3 x Cast Aside the Weak
1 x Creating Order
3 x Effortless Counterattack
2 x Gold and Steel
3 x Grateful Reward
1 x Heart of Darkness
3 x Iron Will
3 x Know No Fear
3 x Sundering Strike
3 x The Perfect Moment

1 x Hunger
3 x Modifications
3 x Wyrmbone Katana

1 x Ring of Air
1 x Ring of Earth
1 x Ring of Water


Crab Scouts – Jesse Demuth – Feeding Hills Kotei T8

"The Right Crab Box"

Kyuden Hida xp
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters

Hida’s Guidance xp
Ryoshun’s Guidance

Colonial Harbor x3
Recruitment Officerx3
Iron Mine x3
Ageless Shrine x2
Traveling Peddler x2

Hida Kisada x1
Hida Komatsu x1
Fukuzo x1
Hiruma Akio x1
Hida Watari x1
Nijugun x3
Hiruma Nikaru x3
Kaiu Esumi x3
Shikaro x3
Toritaka Chokichi x2
Hiruma Tensin x2
Hiruma Nitani x2
Hida Fujita x2


Heart of Darkness x3
The Duty of the Crab x3
Disrupting Communications
Sundering Strike
Entrenched Position x3
Height of Courage x3
Seeking the Truth x3
Reckless Rush x2
Effortless Counterattack x2
Brawl x2
Caught Unawares x2
Gold and Steel x2
The Trap is Sprung x2
Creating Order x1
A Game of Dice x1

Village Guardian x2

Ring of Fire x1
Ring of Earth x1

Blade of Champions x1


Money Money Money – Dan Dineen – Feeding Hills Kotei T8

Kalani’s Landing
Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvesters exp

Dynasty: 41

Celestials: 1
1x Yoritomo’s Guidance xp

Regions: 1
1x The Second City

Events: 3
1x Times of Strife
1x The Emerald Championship
1x Alter History

Holdings: 15
3x Kobune Port
3x Traveling Peddler
3x Recruitment Officer
2x Luxurious Silk
2x Moneylender
1x Chugo Seido
1x Imperial Treasury

Personalities: 21
3x Yoritomo Hama
3x Yoritomo Tarao
3x Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
3x Yoritomo Doho
2x Yoritomo Zinan
1x Yoritomo Singh xp2
1x Yoritomo Hiromi
1x Yoritomo Sachina xp2
1x Daigotsu Hotako xp2
1x Tsuruchi Samuru
1x Fukuzo
1x Daigotsu Gyoken xp

Fate: 41

Strategies: 38
3x Basic Lesson
3x A Stain Cleansed
3x Sundering Strike
3x Broken Alliance
3x Know No Fear
3x Hidden Defence
3x Brawl
2x Game of Sincerity
2x Gold and Steel
2x Costly Opportunity
2x Effortless Counterattack
2x Footsteps of Madness
2x At Any Cost
1x Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace

Followers: 3
3x Ashigaru Recruits

Rings: 2
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Water


Phoenix Spell Military – Rennes Kotei T8

Library of Rebirth
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 Glory of the Shogun

# Celestials (1)
1 Shiba’s Guidance – exp

# Holdings (16)
3 Archery Range
3 Silver Mine
1 Temples of Gisei Toshi
1 Traveling Peddler
3 Remote Village
3 Seaside Bazaar
2 Akodo’s Grave

# Personalities (22)
3 Shiba Sansesuke
1 Asako Chukage
3 Isawa Kojiro
1 Isawa Mitsuko – exp
3 Isawa Shunsuko
3 Asako Ume
1 Isawa Norimichi
3 Kunji
1 Takasho
3 Asako Kaitoko

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (18)
3 No Hiding Place
3 A Yojimbo’s Duty
3 Pearls & Spirits
1 Creating Order
1 A Game of Dice
2 Skipping the Puddle
3 Near Miss
2 The Height of Courage

# Spells (20)
3 Katana of Fire – exp
3 Strength of the Tsunami
2 Ember’s Final Fire
3 Scouring Flood
1 Pearl of Rage
3 Channeling the Fallen
2 Thunder’s Wrath
1 Unnatural Flood
2 A Dragon’s Favor

# Rings (2)
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Water


ParaJimbos – Feeding Hills Kotei T16/Top Scorpion

1 Shiro Chugo

# Dynasty (42)

# Events (3)
1 Imperial Gift
1 The Emerald Championship
1 Times of Strife

# Celestials (1)
1 Ryoshun’s Guidance

# Holdings (13)
1 Bamboo Harvesters – exp
1 Border Keep
3 Colonial Harbor
2 Merchant Atoll
3 Prosperous Village
3 Small Farm

# Personalities (25)
3 Bayushi Suwabe
3 Bayushi Toshimo
3 Bayushi Waru
3 Shosuro Ritoru
3 Shosuro Tanzaki
3 Soshi Komiko
2 Shosuro Makiko
1 Daigotsu Hotako – exp3
1 Fukuzo – exp
3 Bayushi Manami

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (31)
2 A Paragon’s Strength
1 A Game of Dice
2 A Yojimbo’s Duty
2 Brawl
3 Cast Aside the Weak
1 Creating Order
2 Gold and Steel
3 Grateful Reward
2 Know No Fear
2 Strength in Terror
2 The Loyalty of the Scorpion
3 Broken Alliance
3 Sundering Strike
2 The Perfect Moment
1 Peace

# Items (7)
1 Blade of Champions
3 Gift Armor
2 Maga-yari
1 Wyrmbone Katana

# Rings (2)
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Water


Thunderlightenment – Jesse Anderson – Chicago Kotei T16/Top Mantis

Suitengu’s Torch
Border Keep (Exp)
Bamboo Harvesters (Exp)


Celestials (1)
1x Jurojin’s Blessing

Events (2)
1x Wisdom Gained
1x The Jade Championship

Holdings (16)
3x Kobune Port
3x Colonial Harbor
3x Shrine to Hachiman
3x Tranquil Garden
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Public Records
1x Temples of Gisei Toshi
1x Temple of the Seekers

Personalities (20)
3x Moshi Umiko
3x Moshi Sasako
3x Moshi Madoka
3x Moshi Yokohime
3x Moshi Tomeno
2x Yoritomo Zinan
1x Yoritomo Hiromi
1x Unmei
1x Kitsune Hisano

Regions (1)
1x Refuge of the Three Sisters

FATE (40)

Spells (14)
3x A Dragon’s Favor
3x Thunder’s Favor
3x Walking the Way
2x Thunder’s Wrath
2x Katana of Fire
1x Mastering the Elements

Rings (5)
1x Ring of Air
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void

Strategies (21)
3x Introspection
3x Ambush
3x No Hiding Place
3x String of Victories
2x Meeting the Keepers
2x Sundering Strike
2x Courage of the Mantis
1x A Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace


Ancestor/Paragon Honor – Feeding Hills Kotei T16/Top Lion

Halls of Memory
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters (exp)

Dynasty (41)

Ebisu’s Honesty

Willing spirits
Twisted Fate
Imperial Gift
The Turquoise Championship

Matsu Hana x1
Matsu Kisho x3
Matsu Koyama x3
Kitsu Fukui x3
Kitsu Tamasine x3
Kitsu Suki x3
Kitsu Akai x3
Kitsu Kagako x3

Copper Mine x3
Remote Village x3
Temple of Hotei x3
Indomitable home x2
Seekers Temple x1
Chugo Seido x1
Traveling Peddler x1

Fate (40)

Wall of Honor x3
The Honor of the Lion x3
Grateful Reward x3
Great Sacrifice x3
Visitation x3
Forefathers Vengeance x3
Cast Aside the Weak x3
Entrenched Position x3
Flooded Pass x3
Ancestral Protection x3
Rocky Terrain x2
Game of Dice x1

Intervening Spirit x3
Unnatural Flood x1

Ring of Fire x1
Ring of Earth x1

Pearl of Embers x1


KL Nonhumans – Rennes Kotei T16

Kalani’s Landing

Stupid Monkey

Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


Yoritomo’s Guidance

Shinden Shorai
The Second City

3 Kobune Port
3 Ageless Shrine
3 Prosperous Village
3 Traveling Peddler

3 Akodo Ashiko
2 En’you
3 Masayah
3 The Shakash
3 The Red Hunger
The Dark Naga
Fukuzo xp
Yoritomo Singh xp2
Yoritomo Hiromi
Daigotsu Hotako xp3
3 Yoritomo Naoto
2 Yoritomo Zinan
Yoritomo Sachina xp


A Game of Dice
Creating Order
2 Rise of the Dark naga
3 Basic Lesson
2 Reckless Rush
3 Gold and Steel
3 Sundering Strike
2 Siege Volley
3 Disgraceful Conduct
3 Nakanu Technique
3 Oblivious
3 A Yojimbo’s Duty
3 Broken Alliance
2 Game of Sincerity
2 Retribution

Ring of Earth
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water
Ring of Fire


Crab Siege – Feeding Hills Kotei T16

Carpenter Castle

# Dynasty (40)
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters XP

# Events (1)
1 Alter History

# Celestials (2)
1 Jurojin’s Blessing
1 Hida’s Guidance – exp

# Holdings (18)
3 Colonial Harbor
3 Iron Mine
3 Indomitable Home
2 Traveling Peddler
1 Chugo Seido
2 Recruitment Officer
3 Fortifications
1 The Imperial Treasury

# Personalities (19)
1 Hida Fubatsu – exp
1 Hida Kisada
1 Hida Komatsu
3 Hiruma Nikaru
3 Kaiu Esumi
1 Kaiu Iemasa
3 Kaiu Nakano
3 Kaiu Watsuki
1 Daigotsu Hotako – exp3
1 Utaku Tairu – exp
1 Kuronada – exp2

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (38)
3 Reckless Rush
3 Control the Board
1 A Game of Dice
1 Creating Order
2 A Yojimbo’s Duty
2 Sneak Attack
3 Retribution
3 Consideration
3 Banish All Doubt
2 A Brave New World
2 Know No Fear
2 Gold and Steel
3 Sundering Strike
2 No Hiding Place
3 Siege Volley
3 The Duty of the Crab

# Items (1)
1 Blade of Champions

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of Water


Crab Berserkers – Chicago Kotei T16

Halls of the Forgotten
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters


Hida’s Guidance
Ryoshun’s Guidance
The Second City

3x Iron Mine
3x Colonial Harbor
3x Heavy Infantry Dojo
3x Small Farms
2x Akodo’s Grave
1x Traveling Peddler

1x Hida Komatsu
1x Hida Kisada
1x Kaiu Iemesa
1x Hida Fubatsu
1x Yasuki Jinn-Kuen
2x Kuni Shinoda
3x Hiruma Nikaru
3x Hida Yamadera
3x Hida Mimori
3x Hida Boshotsu
3x Hida Hebi


3x Broken Alliance
3x Height of Courage
3x Tireless Efforts
3x Retribution
3x Immovable Object
3x Duty of the Crab
3x Blind Rage
3x Headbutt
2x Brawl
2x Your Clan Needs You
2x Fall Back
2x Fortitude
2x Spirit of the Berserker
2x Rumors Travel
1x The Fires of War
1x Creating Order
1x A Game of Dice

1x Ring of Water


Crane Dueling – Chicago Kotei Top Crane (4-3)

The Aerie

Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters

Dynasty 40

Ebisu’s Honesty

Naoharu’s Gift
Willing Spirits

Blighted Region
Second City

3x Marketplace
3x Rugashi Bazaar
3x Magistrate’s Stipend
2x Governor’s Court
2x Traveling Peddler
1x Falling Rain Dojo

3x Doji Yoshitada
3x Kakita Kazan
3x Doji Shunya
3x Kakita Nara
2x Kakita Maratai
2x Kakita Genshi
1x Kakita Tadanobu
1x Doji Hakuseki
1x Asahina Kitiaru
1x Kakita Munemori
1x Doji Makoto

Fate 40

3x Discovering a Conspiracy
3x Duel of Haiku
3x Rocky Terrain
3x Steel on Steel
3x The Courtesy of the Crane
3x Wall of Honor
2x Accidental Confession
2x Dismissing the Cur
2x Rhetoric
2x Sacrifice of Pawns
2x Sanctioned Duel
1x A Game of Dice
1x Effortless Counterattack
1x Fruitless Search
1x Peace
1x Relentless Conviction
1x Spirit of Truth
1x The Light of Justice

1x Asahina House Guard
3x Singh Remnants

1x Ring of the Void

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