Solving the Riddle 2011 Results

I am proud to finally be able to announce the results for Solving the Riddle 2011.  Legend of the Five Rings players came together to raise almost $4,000 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  And the winning Clan, raising just over $2,500, is . . . Ratlings!  That’s right, the mostly extinct little furry guys managed to outraise all of the Clans put together.  Special thanks to Chris Braun and Jonathan Roden for spearheading the Ratling effort!

As their prize, the Ratlings will earn the loyalty of the six original members of Strange Assembly (Chris, Jay, Justin, Trevor, Jon, Kevin) at the next storyline event we play in where they happen to be legal – possibly GenCon, if the recent introduction of the Oracle of the Void and lots of MRPs opens up the possibility of a proxie-legal Open tourney there.  This makes over $20,000 raised by Solving the Riddle since its inception during the Race for the Throne.  Congratulations, L5R players!

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  1. I’m sure the tournament staff will be confused when, of the eight people who bother to enter an open event, six of them are playing ratling.

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