Week 2 Kotei Meta-Game Update

After two weeks of Kotei, we have 8 tournaments, so lets pretend that’s enough data to say something meaningful. So far the ranking of the clans’ ability to make the cut is:

1) Lion – 22.22%
2) Crab – 20.27%
3) Mantis – 18.18%
4) Crane – 14.46%
5) Dragon 14.29%
6) Phoenix – 13.85%
7) Spider – 13.51%
8 ) Scorpion – 10.53%
9) Unicorn – 7.58%

Lion and Crab are, so far, head and shoulders above the pack. Mantis are above average, with Crane/Dragon/Phoenix/Spider all in the middle (a bit below average, mathematically). While Crane have had a great deal of success so far (including winning three of the eight Kotei), the have also had a high turnout, so there are lots of people not making the cut to go along with the people making the cut.

You can discuss this, and see more thorough data, on either the Strange Assembly forums or the AEG forums.

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