Atlanta Kotei: Mac Attack – 5th Place Mantis

Of the six clans that only placed one player in the 5-2/T16 realm at the Atlanta Kotei, the highest finish was achieved by Mac Caldwell for the Mantis (5th). Reminiscent of the Mantis success at Worlds last year, Mac eschewed Aramasu’s Vigilance to run Magistrates (and a stack of uniques) out of the mighty Dragon’s Guard City.

Mac Attack

Dragon’s Guard City
Dynasty (40):
Events/Regions/Celestials (4):
1x Celestial Disfavor
1x I Am Ready
1x Yoritomo’s Guidance
1x The War of Dark Fire
Holdings (16):
3x Rich Coffers
3x Wooden Barricade
3x Dockside Market
3x Kobune Port
2x Imperial Artificer
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Belly of Fudo
1x Shrine to Yoritomo
Personalities (20):
3x Yoritomo Ai
3x Yoritomo Manzo
3x Yoritomo Tatsuhiko
3x Tsuruchi Sanjo
1x Tsuruchi Ogata
1x Yoritomo Naizen
1x Yoritomo Singh
1x Tsuruchi Gidayu
1x Yoritomo Eihiko xp
1x Tsuruchi Mochisa
1x Yoritomo Kakeko
1x Bayushi Tsubaki
Fate (42):
Strategies (28):
3x Rain of Justice
3x Defensive Nature
3x The Height of Courage
3x A Stain Cleansed
3x Stolen Property
3x The Law’s Strength
2x Fearless Defense
2x Leaked Information
2x Peasant Vengeance
2x Unwavering Assault
1x The Thriving Light
1x Ultimate Sacrifice
Followers (10):
3x Taoist Archer
3x Imperial Elite Guard
2x Moto Hunters
2x Order of the Wooden Blade
Items (2):
2x Oni-Daikyu
Rings (2):
1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void

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