Atlanta Kotei: Top Spider

Richard Walling’s Breeder was the only Spider deck to secure a 5-2 or better record at the Atlanta Kotei, and so secured honors as top Spider:

Richard Walling Breeder

Fields of the Dead
Dynasty (40):
Regions/Events/Celestials (4):
1x New Order
1x Daikoku’s Guidance
2x Private Shrine
Holdings (15):
3x Barley Farm
3x Expendable Resources
3x Border Village
3x Shinomen Marsh
2x Traveling Peddler
1x The Dark Oracle of Fire
Personalities (21):
3x Chuda Atsuro
3x Chuda Inisi
3x Chuda Otsu
3x Udo
3x Gutobo
2x Chuda Shuzo
2x Daigotsu Taizo
1x Chuda Seikai
1x Daigotsu Susumu
Fate (40):
3x Unclean Sacrifice
3x Settling the Homeless
3x Game of Sincerity
3x Border Ambush
3x Flanked by Nightmares
3x Scouting Far Afield
3x Rout
3x Crippling Weather
3x Claw and Shell
2x Unfamiliar Ground
2x Might of the Shadowlands
2x Forewarning
2x Unnatural Hunger
2x Cost of Pride
2x Questionable Charity
1x Ultimate Sacrifice

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