War of Honor: Unicorn Tiles

War of Honor “only” has four full decks – Dragon (Enlightenment), Lion (Military), Phoenix (Honor), and Scorpion (Dishonor) – but it also has additional sets of tiles for each of the currently-legal Clans in the full CCG (Crab, Crane, Mantis, Spider, Unicorn). Like the primary four Clans, each of these gets three Fortress tiles (one Battle, one Open, one Limited), plus the two Plains tiles.

The Unicorn’s tileset is less straightforward than some of the others, explicitly focusing on the distinctive nature of War of Honor as compared to “normal” L5R. While the Battle ability is fairly standard, the Open gives a once-per-game chance to forcibly ally (possibly netting the last Province necessary to achieve a Military victory), and the Limited lets you flip up other player’s destroyed Fortresses (possibly just to destroy it again, or perhaps as a political favor).

War of Honor - Unicorn Tiles

4 thoughts on “War of Honor: Unicorn Tiles

  1. Not off the top of my head, although I would be inclined to play it as it seems to be intended, until I got an official ruling. Good catch!

  2. So according to the Rulebook, a player’s last fortress can never be turned down.
    Does that mean if a Unicorn player’s last fortress is the one with the Open ability, it doesn’t turn face down, and he may continue to use it willy-nilly as much as he pleases?

  3. Looks like it. Especially when compared with the Spider Open tile, which specifically says that you can’t use the ability if it’s your last tile.

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