War of Honor – Crane Tiles

The Scorpion and Phoenix are pushed specifically into dishonor and honor, respectively . . . but the Crane can do either, or both! The Open Crane tile has the flexibility to make those Clans cry, although the diversion of the Limited tile to the Favor makes the deck less focused than the Scorpion is.

War of Honor - Crane Tiles

4 thoughts on “War of Honor – Crane Tiles

  1. Don’t you find it interesting that the Crane Limited stronghold lets you take the Imperial Favor, yet the Imperial Favor is not mentioned in the WoH rule book!

  2. Yeah. And one of the Mantis tiles hands out Naval, which doesn’t exist in the rulebook either. I figure that it’s because, if you’re actually playing Crane or Mantis, that means you’ve gone beyond the more streamlined War of Honor rules and out into the full L5R rules.

  3. My take is if you use any deck that is not part of the set, then all L5R rules apply.
    Bryan basically stated the same.

    You guys will need to determine how you wish to handle that. Constructed decks will obviously have a massive advantage with a larger card pool, however the sealed decks are built to play War of Honor. But, as soon as you let an “outsider” into War of Honor, you will need to play with the full rules for the exact reasons you describe.

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