War of Honor – A Warrior’s Wisdom

OK, I have no idea what giving your bowed Monk a Force bonus has to do with the wisdom of a warrior (or why what appears to be a Spider Sohei is featured on a War of Honor card – but the flavor text makes the Dragon look better, so I guess we’ll give it a pass). But I do know that an Enlightenment deck can find a use for a Battle Strategy card that works with a bowed guy and gives you an additional action.

A Warrior's Wisdom (War of Honor)

6 thoughts on “War of Honor – A Warrior’s Wisdom

  1. Yes, my point was that (unlike almost every other Monk action out there) it works even if your Monk is bowed. Also, although I forgot to note it, the card works unopposed, another helpful bit for Enlightenment.

    All of the new cards are playsets. Note, however, there are non-bugged reprints that are not playsets (they are mostly CE-legal cards anyway though). You can check out the four decklists in the Rulebook PDF on AEG’s War of Honor page.

  2. You have any idea about chi. Chi is wisdom. What do you know about wisdom padawan ?How can you understand what is is…Ther is no bowed spirit in a spiritual warrior. We are bowed to the same rules. Ther is many way to travel. You know anything about warrior. All what you call bonus action will be deal with, on a karmic way. Such a thing you probably have a bad understanding of as well….

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