Purple Stride

Is Purple Stride what happens when the Unicorn run out of horses? Do I have any sense of humor at all? Of course not! Purple Stride is where excellent people get together, engage in way to much moving from one place to another, and maybe people donate some money to charity in thanks for the amusement of knowing that some out-of-shape gamer’s wife is making him walk 5K. Or something like that.

Purple Stride benefits the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the leading charity dedicated to combating pancreatic cancer. There are about 50 Purple Stride events this year, although some of them have already happened. Most relevant to me, the Atlanta event is on November 19 – because, it would seem, I want nothing better than to celebrate my birthday by sweating until I pass out (this is the part where Katie points out that my birthday is actually the day before, and that I should stop whining).

So, if you live in the Atlanta area, maybe you want to come out and walk as well.  Or, if you live elsewhere, check out their website to see if there’s one near you.

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