FL Meta-Game Update #1

With the mass of players at GenCon, including a concentration of high-level ones, we have more information than usual after this period of time about what is or isn’t getting the job done in the meta-game. The infoformation below is based on all of the CE constructed events at GenCon, plus the two prior Winner’s Choice tournaments that were the same environment (I don’t have data on the pre-GenCon grinder, so data for that is not included).

This is just the basic “make the cut” data. I’ll get a fuller table posted on our forums later. Note that, given its formal status as an EE theme and its obvious tourney success, I am now ranking “Unaligned” along with the nine Great Clans. This category theoretically includes Ronin decks (although it doesn’t actually yet). Ronin is, of course, a drastically different beast than Oni, but then LSC is a drastically different beast from Dragon Kensai, and all that gets lumped together too.

Note that the overall percentages are higher for this environment than usual because of the more generous cuts at GenCon. The relative values of the clans to each other is, accordingly, more significant than the absolute values.

1) Unaligned – 40.00%
2) Crane – 25.76%
3) Unicorn – 25.00%
4) Phoenix – 21.28%
5) Spider – 21.05%
6) Dragon – 20.97%
7) Crab – 20.00%
8 ) Scorpion – 18.43%
9) Mantis – 17.46%
10) Lion – 13.43%

No, I have no idea what happened with Lion.

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