Dragon Monk Enlightenment (GenCon 2011 Second Chance Top Dragon)

As planned, I skipped out on the grinders at GenCon this year, doing RPG and interviews on Thursday/Friday, and just hitting the Second Chance event on Saturday.  I basically played what amounts to a tweaking of Mike Petke’s SLC Kotei-winning deck.  I messed around with it, and there just wasn’t much worth changing. If it ain’t broke, I don’t fix it. So it mostly stayed the same, except for adding in new cards from War of Honor and Forgotten Legacy (and dumping Deathly Auras, because I didn’t feel like walking into Entrenched Position all day long).

I think I must play it a little different from Mike though, because I basically never win by military (all of my wins at the Second Chance were straight-up Enlightenment).  The big Samurai are still handy, but probably less valuable to me (Haru still wants to do Ring of Fire anyway).

I went 6-1 at GenCon, good enough for T8 and Top Dragon (because top of clan was based on swiss).  I then lost to Crippling Weather out of Breeder in the “play in” round while trying to gash in for an early Claiming the Throne (I had just had a no personality dynasty flop, so it was looking pretty terrible if I didn’t go for it right then).

Pillars of Virtue
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters XP


Togashi’s Guidance
Ryoshun’s Guidance
Claiming the Throne
Crossing the Forbidden Sea
Imperial Census
Wisdom Gained

Gold Mine x3
Recruitment Officer x3
Temple of Harmony x2
Traveling Peddler
Counting House
Chugo Seido
Expendable Resources
Colonial Harbor
The Seekers’ Temple

Mirumoto Haru x3
Togashi Gato x3
Togashi Kyoshi x3
Togashi Kanmu
Mirumoto Hojatsu
Togashi Nakahara
Mirumoto Ichizo (Exp)
Mirumoto Yozo (Exp)
Tamori Wotan (Exp)
Togashi Kazuki (Exp)
Togashi Shiori (Exp)
Mirumoto Kenzo (Exp 2)
Togashi Satsu (Exp 5)
Togashi Osawa (Exp)


A Game of Dice
Awed Witness x2
Balance in Water x3
Changing Paths x3
Cold Hands, Stone Heart x3
Cowed by Wisdom x3
Creating Order
Deception Revealed x3
Dove Tattoo x3
Fall Back!
Imperial Command x2
Master the Body x2
Shadow’s Talon x2
Stare Into the Void
Steel on Steel x2
String of Victories x2
The World Disappears

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

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