FL Decklists: Spider

With Shadowlands Beasties occupied with playing out of The Forgotten Temple, Spider presence at tournies is largely Monksai and Breeder (sorry, Dark Paragons, you’ll have to wait and see for EE). It feels like Breeder is still more common, but Monksai has done a bit better at tournies. Below you can find an example of each.

Monksai – Top Spider/T24 GenCon 2011

1 Kyuden Suzume

# Dynasty (42)

# Events (5)
1 Imperial Census
1 Crossing the Forbidden Sea
1 Alter History
1 The War of Dark Fire
1 The Lost Path

# Holdings (1
1 Bamboo Harvesters
3 Secluded Outpost
3 Border Village
3 War Encampment
2 Permanent Encampment
3 Wooden Barricade
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Border Keep
1 Dark Oracle of Fire – exp2

# Personalities (19)
2 Ao-bozu
3 Katahide
3 Omigawa
3 Shinran
3 Tetsuo
3 Yamazaki
1 Daigotsu Susumu – exp
1 Daigotsu Gyoken – exp2

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (23)
3 Muscle and Steel
3 Hundred-Fold Cut
3 Readied Steel
3 Balance in Water
2 The Serpent’s Deception
2 Disarm
2 Inexorable Defeat
1 Creating Order
2 Retribution
2 Justly Earned Victory

# Items (16)
1 Seiatsu
1 Rekai’s Yumi
1 Armor of the Ryu
1 Chagatai’s Armor
3 Rising Sun Blade
3 Cursed Relic
3 Wyrmbone Katana
3 Modifications

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of Water

Breeder – GenCon 2011 Second Chance T16

Fields of the Dead
Border Keep XP

Dynasty – 40

3x Shinomen Marsh
3x Oyo Seido
3x Famous Bazaar
2x Border Village
2x Expendable Resources
1x Traveling Peddeler
1x Stolen Merchandise

3x Chuda Inisi
3x Udo
3x Chuda Atsuro
3x Hachigoro
3x Chuda Shuzo
3x Chuda Otsu
1x Chuda Sekai
1x Daigotsu Susumu

1x Dark Oracle of Fire xp
1x Fukurokujin’s Wisdom
1x Assault in the Jungle
1x War of Dark Fire
1x Alter History

Fate – 40

3x Flanked by Nightmares
3x Final Duty
3x Scouting far Afield
3x Game of Sincerity
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x Border Ambush
3x Unclean Sacrifice
3x Settling the Homeless
3x Sundering Strike
2x Claw and Shell
2x Crippling Weather
2x Inexorable Defeat
2x Shamefull Rebuke
2x Questionalble Charity
2x Might of the Shadowlands
1x Subversive Whispers

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