Second City Review Episodes Delayed

There’s been a bit of a lull after that GenCon-related rush of episodes, and next on the schedule is our look at Second City. We were going to be recording that for you guys this weekend. However, due to one death in the family (Katie’s aunt) and a collection of ailments that are likely to result in a second in the immediate future (my grandmother), both of which are out of town, that recording session has been cancelled, and I may not be able to make one the week after that. So our look at Second City will be pushed back, possibly until after the set has already seen tournament play. I know people look forward to those set reviews, and I apologize for not getting this one out to you in a timely fashion.

There will, obviously, also not be any other audio content for a while. At present I do not know whether there will be any new written content during that time frame.

Additionally, the time when I am out of town may cover the October 1st Favored of the Void Dragon tournament (a Solving the Riddle charity event). The tournament will take place as announced regardless, just with a substitute TO if I can’t be there.

2 thoughts on “Second City Review Episodes Delayed

  1. I think I speak for all listeners when I say that family is more important than a podcast. Take all the time you need (well, maybe not all of it ;)).

  2. Damn, that’s not good news. At times like this you hope that all the family & friends can pull together to see one another through. Although “internet friends” can’t be there to help directly, we’re out there hoping for the best for all.

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