FL Decklists: Scorpion

Another day, another Clan (or should that be “another couple of days,” because it isn’t like I post these decklists once a day?). Scorpion are up this time. Scorpion presence at tournaments lately has been heavily passive dishonor-focused, but don’t forget that they have other options as well.

For example, the following Ninja deck, helping to prove once again that Hidden Moon Dojo is not bad:

HMD Ninja – Matt Sherry – GenCon 2011 Top Scorpion

Hidden Moon Dojo
Border Keep (non xp)
Bamboo Harvester (non xp)

# Dynasty (42)

# Events (1)
1 The War of Dark Fire

# Celestials (1)
1 Bayushi’s Guidance

# Holdings (15)
3 Oyo Seido
1 Counting House
3 Geisha House
2 Traveling Peddler
1 Stolen Merchandise
2 Border Village
3 Seaside Bazaar

# Personalities (25)
3 Bayushi Keirei
3 Shosuro Tsuji
3 Bayushi Arashii
3 Shosuro Nishu
3 Shosuro Sogetsu
1 Bayushi Tsubaki
2 Takaharu
3 Bayushi Suboru
1 Shosuro Toson – exp2
1 Yogo Rieko – exp
1 Bayushi Muhito – exp2
1 Shosuro Aroru – exp2

# Fate (41)

# Strategies (34)
2 Rout
1 A Game of Dice
2 Out of Nowhere
3 Asset Denial
2 Smoke Cover
3 Shuriken and Smoke
2 The Second Feint
2 Knife in the Darkness
3 Black Hearts, Red Blades
3 Hidden in the Shadows
3 Shadow Plays
3 Silent Rot
3 Strike from the Shadows
2 Walk in Shadows

# Followers (6)
3 Night Watchers
3 Flawless Assassin

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of Water

For dishonor, here’s a list that has generated oodles and oodles of chatter on the Scorpion boards, and formed the basis for many reasonably successful dishonor decks.

Chicken PoCS – Ken Curran – Gauntlet Sample

Palace of Crimson Shadows
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters XP

Dynasty (40)
Celestial (1)
1x Bayushi’s Guidance

Events (4)
1x Minor Blackmail
1x Ignoble Demise
1x War of Dark Fire
1x Wisdom Gained

Holdings (10)
3x Geisha House
3x Travelling Peddler
2x Counting House
1x Stolen Merchandise
1x The Seeker’s Temple

Personalities (25)
1x Shosuro Jimen xp2
1x Bayushi Hisoka xp
1x Bayushi Kurumi xp
1x Yogo Kazanori
3x Shosuro Makiko
3x Bayushi Shigeru
3x Bayushi Jutsushi
3x Bayushi Shibata
3x Bayushi Jou
3x Bayushi Kurumi
3x Shosuro Orikasa

Fate (40)
Strategies (39)
3x Arranged Guilt
3x Favours
3x Deceit and Subterfuge
3x Unfortunate Incident
3x Accidental Confession
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Taxing the Scum
3x Pull the String
3x Veiled Menace
3x Legendary Feud
2x Destructive Priorities
2x Shameful Rebuke
2x Test of Sincerity
2x Faint Praise
1x A Game of Dice

Rings (1)
1x Ring of the Void

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