FL Decklists: Phoenix

As the post-errata/ban tournaments have started, the remainder of these Forgotten Legacy decklist posts will include lists from those tournaments.

Up in this dispatch are the Phoenix, who have continued their CE hobby of playing as many different decks as possible to at least reasonable tournament success.  Both of today’s decklists share a dueling component, but otherwise diverge sharply.

ToP Dueling Honor – Brandon Smith – GenCon Second Chance 2nd Place

Temple of Purity
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters xp

Dynasty: 40

Personalities: 21
Isawa Mitsuko x 1
Isawa Ochiai xp3 x 1
Shiba Ningen xp3 x 1
Isawa Kumai xp x 1
Isawa Mizuhiko xp x 1
Daigotsu Oki x1
Asako Izuna x 3
Asako Serizawa x 3
Asako Mokichi x3
Shiba Gohiko x 3
Shiba Kotaro x 3

Events/Celestials: 4
Last Line of Defense x 1
Willing Spirits x 1
Winter’s Embrace x 1
Ebisu’s Honesty x 1

Holdings: 15
Traveling Peddler x 1
Counting House x 1
Shrine to Hotei x 1
Kitsune Den x 1
Temple to Shinsei x 2
My Father’s shrine x 3
Silver Mine x 3
Tsi Mokotsu x 3

Fate: 40

Strategies: 36
A Game of Dice x 1
Sword for Hire x 2
Impromptu Duel x 3
The Fires of War x 1
Flashy Technique x 2
Peaceful Discourse x 3
Patrolling the roads x 3
Imperial Adjudication x 3
Duel of Haiku x 3
Wall of Honour x 2
Subversive Influence x 1
Forging Destiny x 3
Only Actions Speak x 3
Shadow’s Talon x 3
Hamstrung x 3

Rings: 1
Ring of the Void x1

Spells: 3
Seek the Stain x 3


TST Dueling – Kyle Anderson – Favored of the Earth Dragon Winner

Twin Soul Temple
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvester


1x War of Dark Fire
1x A New Order
1x Alter History
1x Shiba’s Guidance
1x Private Shrine

3x Recuiting Officer
3x Silver Mine
3x Colonial Harbor
1x Expendable Resources
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Public Records
1x Chugo Seido
1x Stolen Merchandise

3x Shiba Ryuba
2x Shiba Ikoku
3x Shiba Gohiko
2x Shiba Kotaro
2x Shiba Sawaken
2x Shiba Yukihito
3x Isawa Takashi
1x Shiba Ningen
1x Isawa Ochiai
1x Shiba Tsukimi
1x Shiba Morihiko

1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void
1x Creating Order
1x Preparedness
1x Ultimate Sacrifice
1x Crippling Weather
2x Superior Opponent
2x Impetuous Challenge
3x Claw and Shell
3x Steel on Stee
3x Low Stance
3x Final Sacrifice
3x Scouting Far Afield
3x Inspirational Victory
3x Shadow’s Talon
3x Of One Instant
3x Awed Witness
3x Fight as One

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