FL Decklists: Lion and Mantis

I already posted the “Top Dragon” deck from the GenCon Second Chance (because it was mine), so we’ll skip over Dragon and going straight trough the alphabet we get to Lion. Paragons out of Shamate Keep has been all the rage, but it’s not the only option available:

CC Tacticians – Lon Schlittenhart – GenCon Second Chance Top Lion

Central Castle
Harvesters normal

Dynasty: 40

3xCopper Mine
3xDockside Market
3xSmuggler’s Port
3xPermanent Encampment
Traveling Peddler
Chugo Seido
Kitsune Den
Tetsu Kama Mine

Imperial Census
Crossing the Forbidden Sea
Akodo’s Guidance

3xMatsu Nishijo
3xAkodo Kusamoto
3xAkodo Raemon
3xMatsu Kasei
Akodo Seiichi XP
Matsu Kenji XP
Akodo Tsudoken
Ikoma Hagio XP
Akodo Kurogane
Matsu Benika X2
Akodo Shigetoshi X2
Akodo Shunori XP
Akodo Ryozo

Fate: 41

3xRising Sun Blade
3xWyrmbone Katana
3xCursed Relic
De Bellis Yoditorum
Chagatai’s Armor
Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

3xClaw & Shell
3xThe Cost of Pride
2xDeathly Aura
2xInexorable Defeat
2xJustly Earned Victory
2xOnly Actions Speak
A Game of Dice
Creating Order

The Mantis “hotness” of the moment is blitz out of the much-maligned SSP:

SSP Blitz – Nick Jones – GenCon 2nd Place

1 Seven Seas Port

# Dynasty (42)

# Celestials (3)
1 Bishamon’s Guidance
1 Fire Dragon’s Guidance
1 Osano Wo’s Guidance

# Regions (3)
3 Private Shrine

# Holdings (6)
1 Border Keep – exp
1 Bamboo Harvesters
3 Expendable Resources
1 The Seekers’ Temple

# Personalities (30)
3 En’you
3 Sakarah
3 Tsuruchi Omori
3 Tsuruchi Suzuki
3 Yoritomo Eita
3 Yoritomo Saburo
3 Yoritomo Kaemon
1 Yoritomo Saburo – exp
3 Yoritomo Chiako
1 Yoritomo Utemaro – exp2
1 Chikara – exp
3 Pokupo

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (39)
3 Settling the Homeless
3 Sundering Strike
1 A Game of Dice
1 Creating Order
3 Scouting Far Afield
3 Reckless Rush
3 Revenge
3 Laying in Wait
3 Final Duty
3 Dangerous Reconnaissance
1 Subtle Sting
3 Border Ambush
3 The Cost of Pride
3 Shameful and Cowardly
3 Determined Force

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of the Void

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