FL Decklists: Crab, Crane and Unaligned

Forgotten Temple’s dominance may be a thing of the past, and you may have picked up Second City a month ago at GenCon, but there’s still a month left to play in the Forgotten Legacy environment, so it’s time again to collect some high-performing decks from around the web – tweak them or test against them, but don’t ignore them.

Don’t forget to click through the links to see what the player’s who ran the deck have to say about them (including what they would remove or add in).

Below are a couple of high-placing Crab Scout decks from GenCon, as well as Crane Embassy Honor. I’ve also include, for reference, some Broken Oni lists, although they’ve now been nerfed out of existence.

Crab Scouts – Eoin Burke – GenCon 2011 T4

Kyuden Hida Exp
Experienced Border Keep
Bamboo Harvester

Celestials: 1
Saibankens Justice

Holdings: 14
3x Iron Mine
3x Recruitment Officer
2x Colonial Harbour
2x Imperial Artificer
2x Expendable Resources
2x Ageless Shrine

Personalities: 25
1x Hiruma Etsuro
3x Toritaka Chockichi
3x Toritaka Horoiso
3x Tennyo
3x Hiruma Seiko
2x Hiruma Hidora
3x Nijugan
3x Hiruma Akio
1x Hiruma Akio exp
3x Hiruma Masato

FATE: 40

Strategies: 40
3x Well Scouted Target
3x Border Ambush
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Strategic Strike
3x Hunting the Daughter
3x Disrupting Communication
3x Peasant Vengeance
3x Sundering Strike
3x Reckless Rush
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x Seeking the Truth
2x Scouting Far Afield
3x Unwelcome Supervision
1x Creating Order
1x Thriving Light


Crab Scouts/Berserkers – Top Crab, T8, GenCon 2011 Second Chance

Kyuden Hida Exp.
Border Keep Exp.
Bamboo Harvesters

Dynasty: 40

Sacred Valley

Celestials: 1
Hida’s Guidance

Holdings: 15
3 Iron Mine
3 Recruitment Officer
3 Oyo Seido
2 Akodo’s Grave
Traveling Peddler
3 Colonial Harbor

Personalities: 23
3 Hiruma Hidora
3 Toritaka Chokichi
3 Hida Akeno
1 Tennyo
1 Hiruma Akio Exp.
3 Hiruma Nikaru
3 Hida Shikoujin
1 Hida Fubatsu
3 Hida Yamadera
1 Hida Yaheiko
1 Hida Kuon

Fate: 40

Actions: 38
3 Hunting the Daughter
3 Intimidation
3 Shameful and Cowardly
3 Only Actions Speak
3 Seeking the Truth
3 Sneak Attack
3 Justly Earned Victory
3 Unpredictable Strategy
2 Reckless Rush
2 Disrupting Communication
2 Beloved of the Clan
2 Height of Courage
2 Fall Back!
1 A Game of Dice
1 Creating Order
1 The Thriving Light
1 Retribution
1 Knowledge of the Land

Rings: 2
1 Ring of Water
1 Ring of the Void


Embassy Honor – Chris Russel – GenCon Second Chance T4

Embassy of the Crane
Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvesters exp.


3x Kakita Hideo
3x Kakita Yosuga
3x Doji Umakai
3x Doji Shikishi
3x Doji Bukita
Kakita Hideo Exp
Doji Domotai
Doji Ayano Exp
Asahina Okimoto
Daigotsu Oki
Otomo Seimi

Well-Defended Border
Winter’s Embrace
Willing Spirits
Ebisu’s Honesty

3x Marketplace
3x Dockside Market
3x My Father’s Shrine
2x Indomitable Home
2x Counting House
1x Kitsune Den
1x Traveling Peddler


3x Hamstrung
3x Impromptu Duel
3x Duel of Haiku
3x Imperial Adjudication
3x Peaceful Discourse
3x Weigh the Cost
3x Outer Walls
2x Shadow’s Talon
3x Claw and Shell
3x Flashy Technique
3x Wall of Honor
2x Encircled Terrain
1x A Game of Dice
2x Delayed Conflict
2x Sword for Hire

1x Ring of the Void


Forest no Oni – Daniel Walker – GenCon Winner

The Forgotten Temple
Border Keep XP.
Bamboo Harvesters

1 Imperial Census
1 Crossing the Forbidden Sea
3 Forest of Shinomen
1 The Wrath of Kali-Ma (MVP)
1 Barley Farm
3 Traveling Peddler
1 Stolen Goods
3 Ageless Shrine
3 Border Village
3 Spider Cultist
3 Daku no Oni
3 Utogu no Oni
3 Umi-Bozu
3 Raido no Oni
3 Tsudo no Oni
3 The Quiet Death
1 Pokku exp.
1 The Dark Naga

3 Impossible Force
2 strike quicklike
3 Oblivious
1 Creating Order
3 Only Actions Speak
2 Unpredictable Strategy
3 Justly Earned Victory
2 Rise of the Dark Naga
3 Caught Unawares
3 Inexorable Defeat
3 Superior Mobility
2 Claw and Shell
3 Yojimbo’s Duty
3 Settling the Homeless
2 Plague of Flesh
1 ring of water
1 Ultimate Sacrifice

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