FL Decklists: Last Call (Part 1)

A round-up of high performing decklists from the FL environment, before we head into Second City. This first part has four – two Crab Scouts and two Crane Honor.

Crab Scouts – Robyn Pavlakovich – Favored of the Void Dragon Winner

Kyuden Hida xp
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


Saibankan’s Justice
War of Dark Fire

Akodo’s Grave
Expendable Resources
Traveling Peddler
Chugo Seido
Stolen Merchandise
2x Recruitment Officer
2x Colonial Harbor
3x Iron Mine
3x Ageless Shrine

Hida Kuon
Hida Yaheiko
Hida Benjiro
Hiruma Akio xp
Paneki’s Disgrace
Pokku xp
3x Toritaka Chokichi
3x Nijugun
3x Tennyo
3x Hida Nikaru
2x Hida Kagura
2x The Red Hunger


Ring of Water
Ring of Void

The Thriving Light
A Game of Dice
Creating Order
2x Claw and Shell
2x Seeking the Truth
2x Scouting Far Afield
3x Impossible Force
3x Oblivious
3x Dangerous Reconnaissance
3x Concentrated Fire
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Hunting the Daughter
3x Disrupting Communications
3x Superior Mobility
3x Yojimbo’s Duty
3x Fearless Defense


Crab Scouts – Jeff Williams – Rolla Name a Card Winner

Kyuden Hida xp
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters

Dynasty (41)

Celestials (2)
Hida’s Guidance
Saibankan’s Justice

Holdings (15)
Colonial Harbor (x3)
Debt Collector (x2)
Iron Mine (x3)
Recruitment Officer (x3)
Chugo Seido
Expendable Resources
Stolen Merchandise
Traveling Peddler

Personalities (23)
Hiruma Akio (x3)
Hiruma Ikuya (x2)
Hiruma Seiko (x3)
Hiruma Toshio (x2)
Tennyo (x3)
Toritaka Chokichi (x2)
Toritaka Horoiso (x2)
Toritake Okabe (x2)
Hida Kuon (Exp. 6)
Hida Yaheiko (Exp.)
Hiruma Akio (Exp.)
Hiruma Etsuro

Regions (1)
Mountainous Region

Fate (42)

Rings (2)
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

Strategies (40)
A Yojimbo’s Duty (x3)
Border Ambush (x2)
Brothers in Battle (x2)
Concentrated Fire (x2)
Disrupting Communication (x3)
Heart of Darkness (x2)
Hunting the Daughter (x3)
Peasant Vengeance (x2)
Proper Deference (x2)
Scouting Far Afield (x3)
Seeking the Truth (x3)
Shameful and Cowardly (x3)
Strategic Strike (x2)
The Height of Courage (x2)
Unwelcome Supervision (x3)
A Game of Dice
Creating Order
Relentless Conviction


Crane Honor – Dario – Aldershot Name a Card 2nd Place

1 Embassy of the Crane
Border Keep xp/Bamboo xp

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 The Badgers Live

# Celestials (1)
1 Ebisu’s Honesty

# Regions (1)
1 Well-Defended Border

# Holdings (14)
1 Counting House
2 Dockside Market
3 Exotic Goods
1 Kitsune Den
3 Marketplace
3 My Father’s Shrine
1 Traveling Peddler

# Personalities (23)
3 Kakita Hideo
3 Kakita Omori
1 Doji Kato
3 Doji Shikishi
1 Kakita Hideo – exp
1 Asahina Ekei – exp
1 Asahina Okimoto
3 Asahina Shigemitsu
3 Kakita Sadaka
1 Doji Ayano – exp
1 Asahina Beniha – exp
1 Otomo Seimi
1 Daigotsu Oki

# Fate (41)

# Strategies (38)
1 A Game of Dice
3 Accidental Confession
2 Delayed Conflict
3 Duel of Haiku
3 Forging Destiny
3 Hamstrung
3 Imperial Adjudication
3 Impromptu Duel
2 No Time for Games
3 Outer Walls
3 Peaceful Discourse
3 Prayer for Guidance
3 Taxing the Scum
3 Wall of Honor

# Spells (3)
3 Touch of Ice


Crane Honor – Joshua Crisp – Charleston WC Winner

Embassy of the Crane
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters xp

Dynasty: 41
1x Winter’s Embrace
1x Willing Spirits
1x Ebisu’s Honesty
1x Well-Defended Border

3x Marketplace
3x My Father’s Shrine
3x Dockside Markets
3x Exotic Goods
1x Kitsune Den
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Counting House

3x Asahina Nanae
3x Asahina Shigemitsu
3x Doji Kazuo
3x Doji Shikishi
3x Kakita Yosuga
1x Asahina Beniha xp
1x Asahina Ekei xp
1x Asahina Okimoto
1x Daigotsu Oki
1x Doji Ayano xp
1x Doji Hakuseki xp2
1x Kakita Hideo xp

Fate: 41
3x Accidental Confession
2x Claw and Shell
3x Duel of Haiku
2x Enough Talk!
3x Favor of Artisans
3x Hamstrung
3x Imperial Adjudication
3x Impromptu Duel
2x No Time for Games
3x Outer Walls
3x Peaceful Discourse
3x Wall of Honor

1x Heavenly Blade of the Crane
3x Castle of Water
1x Might of the Kami
3x Touch of Ice

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