Golden Geek Nominees Announced

If you’re a participant in the BoardGameGeek (or RPGGeek or VideoGameGeek) communities, you may want to check out and vote for the 2011 Golden Geek awards.

Several games that Strange Assembly has talked about this year are nominated for awards, including Thunderstone, Nightfall, the fourth edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG, and Deathwatch:

Review – Enemies of the Empire (L5R RPG 4E)

Review – Nightfall: Martial Law

Audio Review – Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege

Review – Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege

Audio Review – Emerald Empire (L5R RPG 4E)

Audio Review – Thunderstone: Doomgate Legion

Review – Emerald Empire (L5R RPG 4E)

Review – Rites of Battle (Deathwatch RPG)

Audio Review – Nightfall

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