Game of the Year

The annual Game of the Year rite here at Strange Assembly in December is a two-part affair. We look at the games from this year, and declare a “Preliminary Game of the Year.” It’s preliminary because there’s no way to have played all (or even enough) of the games from a given year by the time that year ends. We also crown the actual Game of the Year, from the prior year. So, our December 2019 episode identified a Preliminary GotY for 2019 and the actual GotY for 2018.

This year is a little different because 2020. We aren’t declaring a Preliminary GotY for 2020 because we don’t feel like we’re in a position to meaningfully do that. You can listen more about it in the podcast:

Strang Assembly – Episode 194 – Good Riddance 2020

We are, however, still crowning a Game of the Year for 2019. This is also discussed in the podcast, but the results are:

You can see all of the past winners on our permanent Game of the Year awards page.

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