Providence by Night – Catch (Session 7)

Welcome to Providence by Night, the continuing recounting of our tabletop Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle. Providence by Night is a low-powered, “street-level” game featuring a group of very new vampires adjusting to unlife in Providence and the vampiric condition. You can read all of the sessions so far on the main Providence by Night page.

In this session, the coterie takes its first steps towards addressing the issues presented to them by their Shadow, the Ventrue harpy Caoimhe. The coterie also learns that they will be granted Domain, and sees what they might make of the old warehouse that sits at the center of their new territory. Nathan investigates, Spencer commiserates, and Beth takes a bit of a tumble in Session 7 of Providence by Night.

Providence by Night – Catch – January 25-26, 2015

The coterie took the time to gather additional information from Caoimhe before getting started on the investigations. Nathan subtly mentioned that if the coterie was to work for the Primogen Council on various projects, then it would be easier to do so if the coterie had a neutral place to discuss their concerns. Caoimhe concurred, gave Beth an address, and imparted that an agent would be waiting with the keys and paperwork for a riverside property near Washington Park – the Prince was granting the coterie domain over the area as a way to “keep them on retainer.” Caoimhe then casually mentioned to Beth that she had not forgotten about Beth’s previously-stated desire for her own Domain and revealed that the Prince has been primed with the notion. Caoimhe also warned Spencer that he was the only one in his coterie who had not traded a boon, and explained that in Kindred Society, this was a very bad thing socially.

Following up about the episodes of spontaneous combustion, Nathan received a copy of a local tabloid that featured a story about three instances of people going up in smoke around Providence during the past eight months. Further investigation of the disappearance of the pizza boys revealed that all reported missing on the previous night after responding to a call on Benefit Street. Reading between the lines, Nathan realized that the coterie was in the middle of a political pickle. Nathan figured that they were either investigating breaches of the Masquerade or being used to look in on another Kindred’s Domain. Either way, it was a precarious position to be in.  Even more concerning to him was who the coterie was actually working for. As a way of clarifying, Caoimhe volunteered herself as a go-between for the coterie on behalf of the Primogen Council.

While Justicar Warwick was revealed to have survived the attack, an investigation into the attempt on the unlife of the Nosferatu was determined to be the responsibilities of one of that clan – Tony would have to take the lead, not Nathan. Nathan scowled but relented, recognizing the situation for what it was.

Afterwards, Beth and Nathan discussed their missions and available assets.  Nathan informed Beth that he had a few contacts – including key figures in the Providence police department, coroner’s office, and some less reputable individuals on the streets.

Spencer later tracked down Kevin and attempted to make amends for the grievances the Tremere have against him. After finally calming Kevin down with promises to look into his reportedly firebombed haven, Spencer asked Kevin about recent Tremere political leanings and Tremere splinter groups. Kevin admitted that several such groups had sprung up after the events of 2008, noting that even the Providence Chantry was having trouble reining in their younger members without the blood bond.

Meanwhile, Beth made her own contact with the Tremere, retrieving the card that Primogen Reiss had provided her. She send him a friendly email, letting him know that his location was a subject of concern, and not-so-subtly asking him to let her know where he was. Beth also took the time to follow up with old flame Tracy Fairchild, agreeing to meet again in the immediate future.

Meeting up again, the coterie planned to check out Kevin’s haven after signing paperwork for their new Domain. Despite the increasingly frigid winter weather, a Dyrell Real Estate agent named Evelyn was waiting by the warehouse at the Terminal Street address Caoimhe had provided. Beth signed paperwork that had already been filled out to put the property in her name, while Spencer and Nathan inspected the warehouse. Spencer fell in love with the property and suggested that they convert the defunct building into a nightclub to garner influence and increase feeding ground.  Beth joined them, and the coterie continued to explore the building. Beth wound her way up a switchback staircase to the catwalks high above the warehouse floor. Standing on the catwalk, she had a vision of a dark figure emerging from a wreckage of fire and twisted metal. The figure’s clothing and hair were burnt away and its screams were terrible. Then the figure locked eyes with Beth and bound towards her. The figure struck her and she fell backwards off the catwalk.

For a moment, all was still. Spencer saw Beth tumble but was powerless to stop his friend’s rapid descent to the concrete below.  Then a flash rushed by Spencer and suddenly Nathan was under the catwalk to break Beth’s fall. Her drop was arrested with a loud thud, but when Spencer approached, Beth was still dazed, her eyes looking seemingly focused somewhere else.  Remembering Beth’s musical tastes from the earlier car ride, Spencer sang soothingly:

You know I even think that she smiled like you/ She used to just stand there and smile/ And her eyes would go all sort of far away/  And stay like that for quite a while

Beth eventually came around and thanked them for the assistance. Spencer was amazed at Nathan’s speed.  “Can’t we all move that fast?” Nathan inquired, still in disbelief that his feelings, usually reserved for mortals, could be applied to the undead as well – he had actually cared that Beth had been hurt. Finally, considering her vision to be a welcome source of information, Beth agreed that a club would be a good idea.

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