Episode 223 – Once More With …

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! The biggest happening at Gen Con 50 was, of course, the relaunch of the Legend of the Five Rings universe with the release of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game (aka, the L5R LCG). Our coverage of the launch is brought to you in part by the winner of our third participation in the annual BGG auction to benefit the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. Our auction winner, Roy, got to cover the launch from in the Fantasy Flight booth at Gen Con and from the Flight Control TO area during the tournaments (as you can see below, he also got to hang out a little with FFG/Asmodee North America head Christian Peterson).

Strange Assembly – Episode 223 – Once More With …

P.S. Since this episode is more a coverage of the launch of the overall feel of the game, and we didn’t want it to get too long, specific tournament-report style coverage and live audio recorded on site will be revisited in a future episode.

P.P.S. For our non-L5R coverage of Gen Con 2017, you can skip back to Episode 222.

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