Episode 209 – Return to Rokugan

Episode 209 is now available for download! The big reveal of the new Legend of the Five Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight Games (premiering at GenCon 50 in August) is here, and it’s time for Chris and Jay to break it down – new mechanics, new story, new expectations, new hopes. The Return to Rokugan begins now.

Strange Assembly – Episode 209 – Return to Rokugan

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4 thoughts on “Episode 209 – Return to Rokugan

  1. Hi guys, just found your podcast after looking for more info and discussion on the new L5R. Was a great listen – thanks.

    Just a little FYI – a lot of the things you were discussing as keywords – such as Philosophy, Bushi or Cavalry, are actually ‘traits’ – they have no inherent in-game ability or effect, but other cards may reference them.

    So with Cavalry being a prime example – there is no longer a Cavalry keyword in new L5R, but there will certainly be cards/abilities that reference the Cavalry trait.

    1. Sorry, that was holdover classic L5R terminology. All of those bullet point terms at the top of the text box were keywords (regardless of whether they had any mechanical effect). Traits were rules text that wasn’t a keyword or an ability (for example, “+1F when attacking”). They haven’t used the terms in the official articles, but I do see that they referred to Cavalry as a trait in the AMA, so I imagine you’re correct in how the terms will work in the LCG.

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