Episode 206 – Seven Factions

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! In this “emergency” episode, Chris and Jay discuss the scraps of information on Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game revealed at the Festival International des Jeux, including the seeming confirmation that the L5R LCG will launch with seven factions and contradictory reports on the status of the pre-existing storyline.

Strange Assembly – Episode 206 – Seven Factions

Look for more L5R LCG episodes as Fantasy Flight Games discloses more information!

2 thoughts on “Episode 206 – Seven Factions

    1. We were scheduled to record that tonight, but since there’s also an AMA on Reddit tomorrow morning (and no way I can record/edit/record/edit two episodes on consecutive days), we’re going to record on Thursday evening so we can cover whatever comes up during the AMA.

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