Episode 185 – Vikings

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! OK, OK, it’s been a while since our last episode, but we are still here, L5R or no! Matt Sandlin joins us again this episode to talk about some recent Viking themed board games.

Strange Assembly – Episode 185 – Vikings

Games (Substantively) Discussed This Episode:

Raiders of the North Sea

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6 thoughts on “Episode 185 – Vikings

  1. Glad to see that you guys are still out there and kickins. But while you are at it, could you do a show about CB’s Infinity, one of these days?

      1. I was thinking about the miniatures, mostly, because the RPG kickstarter has not been published yet beyond a couple of previews.

        1. I’m not sure how I’d cover that – I haven’t played the game, and just getting the intro pack is $100 (and I’m not in a position to splash $100 on a game solely for the purpose of covering it on the podcast).

          1. Obviously. I was just assuming that you might be familiar with either the mini game or the RPG already. The fact that it is strongly faction based with faction loyalty and a very intensive fluff (like L5R) made me think it could be an interesting comparison.

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