Previews – Asakichi Cooke and Cooke’s Nightcap (Doomtown Reloaded: The Light Shineth)

Howdy Pard’ners, today we’ve got not one but two, count ’em: one, two! previews for that there Doomtown Reloaded to show you.

AsakichiCooke-SAFirst up is Asakichi Cooke, a 108th Dude. To begin, she has a solid stat line for a cheap influence dude: 3 rock and no upkeep for an influence is about par for a cheap dude. Thus it’s really going to be the strength of her ability that determines if she makes it into a deck over other options – though I should note at the moment 108th still have few enough options that just being cheap influence is pretty good.

Her ability continues the 108th’s theme of movement: by pitching a card you can move someone from her location to another location. What’s nice is sometimes this can be a win win: there are games where your hand can be clogged with unplayable cards and getting a discard is a benefit. Kung Fu’s ability to play from discard also helps mitigate this cost. Though it’s certainly still a cost in that you do still need to get rid of something. As to the move, that’s a situationally really strong ability. If you’re spread thin and she has no friends you can’t trigger it, as she can’t move herself. Otherwise though it’s a good ability. This is usually a game of positioning, so anything that lets you reposition dudes will be powerful. One of the subtler uses of abilities like this is sending a dude to an out of town dead still ready, so they can call out any other dudes who are there.


CookesNightcap-SANext up is a new deed, Cooke’s Nightcap. To me this looks like a hugely powerful deed, and also a very dangerous one. For the player who plays it’s the best economy in the game: making 3 rock but only costing an initial outlay of 2. So many decks will want to include it for the economy boost it provides. But it’s not all bonus: should you lose control of the nightcap not only are you taking a hit to your economy but you’re also giving up 2 control points – control points you yourself can’t have. For decks that can protect it this deed will be a huge source of contention, easily hosting as many shootouts as town square to determine who controls it.

As a bonus it is a saloon for effects that care about those, such as Clementine Lepp. In all I fully expect this to make it into some decks as a very powerful option. As with most games, economy is one of the most important things to have right for your deck so having such a huge boost, even with the risk, will be worth it for the right deck.

Now Saddle up, Pard’ners! See you next time!

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