Preview – Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ (Doomtown Reloaded: No Turning Back)

OlFashionedHangin-SAHowdy Pardner, today we have a new preview out of the upcoming Doomtown Reloaded saddlebag No Turning Back. Today we’ll be looking at Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’.

So, at its heart this is basically a retooled Ambush: it’s cost is dropped from 4 to 1 with a restriction of targets added. As a bonus, you can also get a control point out of it (a nice juicy incentive on top of the targeted ace).

That said it’s the restriction on play that makes this an interesting card (the control point makes it a playable one). Not every deck can really play this. Maybe if your local meta is heavy Desolation Row you can justify it as a meta slot, but otherwise this is pretty much restricted to the Law Dogs and their ability to want dudes at will.

So, will Law Dogs play this? Maybe. In the right deck this could be a really strong card: jobs to Ace or Discard targets are very potent. While it requires more setup than Kidnapping or Ambush, in return it is giving you a control point.

As to opportunity costs, at 5 of clubs this is competing with two of the more popular shootout cards: Pistol Whip and Hiding in The Shadows, meaning a real shooting deck might have trouble squeezing this in.

In all I’d not be surprised to see this in some very bounty punishing Law Dogs decks, but it’s not going to see play outside of that.

Happy Shootin’ Pardner!



(Wow, this got dark fast :O )

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