On the Cheap in Twenty Festivals – Ground Rules

Last year I did a series of articles specifically aimed at building budget decks to coincide with the release of the Ivory Edition base set. I have been meaning to do that again this year, and obviously I finally am, although I must admit that it’s a bit less timely than last time (with the Thunderous Acclaim previews starting already). Also like last year, I’m going to do a single post that provides the rules I’m using for making the decks, and then just link back to it for each individual decklist (there will be one per Clan). Unlike last year, there’s nothing like Coils of Madness, so the post will be shorter this time around.

All of these decks will be built for a Twenty Festivals Arc format. That basically means the new base set (Twenty Festivals), plus the four sets from last year (Ivory Edition, The Coming Storm, A Line in the Sand, The New Order), minus the Sensei and Strongholds from Ivory Edition (also minus anything that’s been banned). Any deck can have any common or uncommon card from those sets. A Clans’ deck can also have any card that is fixed in its Twenty Festivals starter deck, including cards that are rares and would otherwise be out-of-bounds. A Clans’ deck does not have access to cards that were fixed in its Ivory Edition starter deck, but not in its 20F starter deck (since all of the starter-deck only cards were reprinted in the 20F starter decks, this basically just means the rares that were printed in the Ivory Edition starter decks).

Well, that’s it. Like I said, short this time. I will aim to get the actual decklists out ASAP, although ASAP may not be as fast as I’d like.

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