Preview – Discovering the Daisho of Water (The Coming Storm)

First, your history lesson:

Well, that would be pretty unplayable these days (and it would be Two-Handed). Best part is that it’s talking about Mirumoto Kei being awesome. Thankfully, unlike Discovering the Anvil of Earth, today’s preview card is not a mimic of its Hidden City Item ability:


Thankfully, it isn’t nearly as limited as the original Weapon.


6 thoughts on “Preview – Discovering the Daisho of Water (The Coming Storm)

  1. If you have any 3 PH (or Lion) people with Battle actions, this cannot be worse than other straighten, and is potentially better, providing a tempo advantage. I expect this to benefit Crane as well as Lion, but even if Lion just straightens the -2F dude and pops his jab as an extra action, that’s a benefit.

  2. I like it. Surprising number of targets, in dragon I can get use out of it from Niwa, Jinai, Kalen, Katagi, and Shikei. If it was just abilities on the personality if would make Do Not Delay! battle actions given to say Nokkai reusable, but alas not to be. And kinta seems ok with it.

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