Now on Kickstarter #7

Well, if you listen to the podcast, then you knew another one of these was coming, if only because I wanted to link to the Tuscany Kickstarter again. Plus White Wolf/Onyx Path/whatever-they-are-now has thrown up another Kickstarter that has me drooling, and my wallet wincing …

Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture: Viticulture was released in 2013, and was good enough that Jay declared it his favorite worker placement game ever and we gave it an unofficial GOTY nod at the end of 2013. Now the mega-expansion is available on Kickstarter (I think I said 8 expansions in one box in Episode 129, but it’s now up to 9 expansions because of stretch goals). The individual expansions can be “uncorked” one at a time in an order determined by the winners of successive games, to create a Legacies-style experience. Some of the expansions are just more cards, but others include “factions” (different player setups), a more continuous flow to the seasons, specialty workers, and a couple that add non-wine products to the repertoire. Just the expansion is $45, or you can pick up the base game and expansion together for $79. The expansion has almost a month to go, and has already obliterated its funding goal.

Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition: On the “I really want it, but how can I possibly justify spending this much front” is the super-deluxe, super-huge 20th Anniversary Edition of my second-favorite World of Darkness game (Vampire, represent). As you can tell if you followed that link, I bought and adored the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade, and I know that if I bought M20 to go with my V20, that I would adore it as well – great content, gorgeous art, 600 pages, leather binding, all the trimmings, and nostalgia, all in one package. But the standard price for the fancy-pants Kickstarter version is $135. I kind of winced at pulling the trigger on V20 (which was pre-Kickstarter), and this is somewhat more expensive and my second-favorite. Of course, a lot of folks have found that an easy question, given that the funding for this Kickstarter has passed $340,000, with 20 days left.

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