Episode 146 – GenCon 2014 in Review, Part 2

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Mike, and Jay (but mostly Chris) talk about their experiences on Friday at GenCon (this was Chris’s “8 hours in the exhibit hall day,” so, yes, this is an entire episode for one day). Games covered include Dungeons & Dragons, X-Com, Star Wars Armada, Dark Gothic, the Battle at Kemble’s Cascade, Epic Resort … you know what, you can just look at the list of links below!

Strange Assembly – Episode 146 – GenCon 2014 in Review, Part 2

Dungeons & Dragons
Dark Gothic
Battle at Kemble’s Cascade
X-Com: The Board Game
Epic Resort
Star Wars Armada
Foretold: Rise of a God
Damage Report
Android Netrunner
Doomtown Reloaded
Samurai Spirit

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