3 thoughts on “Episode 131 – Turnout

  1. As one of the people who had been at the last three Atlanta Kotei and didn’t turn up this year, I’ve basically given up on L5R at this point, for a variety of reasons but all leading back to the same thing: I no longer have even the slightest base trust in AEG to display any form of competence. They’ve repeatedly disappointed me – from having my story prize for the South Carolina kotei not happen because someone couldn’t check a list later on for a different prize, to the two of three debacle, to the awful rules changes and overcorrection from Emperor, to yet more printing delays I’ve actually gone back to Magic in addition to continuing to play Netrunner. At least they’re honest about what the game is, and in the event I were to win a big prize, the check I get will clear.

    I love L5R the game, and I miss the people by and large quite a lot. Hopefully, AEG will get its act together some day.

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