2013 Golden Geek Winners Announced

For those of you who don’t follow every bit of boardgaming news closely, you might want to check out the 2013 Golden Geek awards (note that the way the award period works right now some games from the second half of 2012 were still eligible) which are handed out every year by BoardGameGeek.com (and RPGGeek and VideoGameGeek). The Golden Geeks are chosen by the community at BGG and are, along with the Dice Tower Awards, one of the two sets of hobby gaming awards most worth paying attention to when it comes to board games. I’ll note some of the award winners below, along with links to our coverage of those games:

Game of the Year, Best Strategy Game – Terra Mystica

Best Card Game, Best Party Game, Best Family Game, Most Innovative (yes, it won 4 of the 13 categories) – Love Letter (podcast discussion, Tempest review, Kanai version review)

Best Expansion – Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

On the RPG side of things, Game of the Year went to Fate Core, with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire also picking up an art award (as I said in the review “The art is great. No, fantastic. No, splendiferous! Whatever word you want to use, I don’t see how any Star Wars geek would not like this stuff.”).

You can also go back and check out the full list of nominees.

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