Torn Asunder Decklinks #2

I’m tired of using pictures of Temple of Purity. So here’s another important guy in almost all of these decks.

Wrapping up the first batch of decklinks from last week, we continue now with Phoenix, Scorpion, Spider, Unicorn and Unaligned decks from the first three weeks of Kotei season. Seventeen total this time.

And, ummmm … there might be a few ToP decks in this one.

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – lyojimbo – Madrid Kotei T8

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – Grendel – Brussel Kotei T2

Phoenix ToP Honor – James Donnithorne-Tait – Atlanta Kotei Winner

Phoenix LoR Nonhumans – Twanbon – Evansville Kotei Winner

Phoenix Henshin Blitz – Brussels Kotei T4

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – Erukai – Feedings Hills Kotei T8

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – Isawa Patrick – Pasadena Kotei T2

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – WTGeoff – Feeding Hills Kotei T2

Phoenix ToP Nonhumans – Lee Steele – Atlanta Kotei T8

Scorpion ParaJimbos – Amorie – Atlantic City Kotei T8

Scorpion LoDD Dishonor – James Matthews – Tulsa Kotei Winner

Scorpion LoDD Dishonor – Bayushi Igatsuki – Pasadena Kotei T16

Spider Banned Deck – shiawase_ronin – Madrid Kotei Winner

Spider Ninja – Sparks – Evansville Kotei T8

Spider Ninja – Yogo Gohei – Atlantic City Kotei T16

Unicorn Commanders – Moto Damasko – Atlanta Kotei T16

Unaligned Mostly-Shadowlands – Doug Dee – Tulsa Kotei T8

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