Torn Asunder Decklinks #1

This is normally where I’d start dropping decklist threads, but for now you’re getting a deckLINK thread. What’s the difference between a decklist and a decklink? Whether I go to the bother of copying and formatting the decklist, or if you have to make that little extra stretch to click through to the original posting of the decklist – which you probably should have been doing anyway, to see what comments the original player had about the deck.

Today brings you 24 Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, and Mantis decks from the first three weeks of Kotei season.

Crab Berserkers – The Traveling Crab – Chicago Winner

Crab KHXP Control – Jeff Hill – Chicago Kotei T4

Crab KHXP “Dudes for Free” – Hiruma Chico – Feeding Hills Kotei T16

Crane TFC Military – Vyz – Chicago Kotei T16

Crane Asahina – Dario – Sheffield Kotei T2

Crane Otomo – Kakita Ryuichi – Sheffield Kotei T16

Crane Otomo – Doji Kousei – Sheffield Kotei T16

Dragon WED Military Control – Ken Kama – Pasadena Kotei T8

Dragon Kensai – The Draco – Atlanta Kotei Play-In Round

Dragon WED Military – Mirumoto Yagi – Sheffield Kotei T16

Modern Banking – Greg Wong – Vancouver Kotei T2

Dragon DBC Dishonor – Josh Fohrman – Pasadena Kotei T16

Lion Tactical Terrains & Followers – Akodo Gilador – Sheffield Kotei T8

Lion Scouts – Ogre – Pasadena Kotei Winner

Lion Terrains – Goblin Tactician – Feeding Hills Kotei T16

Lion Blitz – Feeding Hills Kotei T16

Mantis KL Magistrates – Gonshu – Madrid Kotei T16

Mantis KL Magistrates – Chris Medico – Atlanta City Kotei T16

Mantis KL Kill-Kill-Kill – Dan Dineen – Atlantic City Kotei T4

Mantis KL Magistrates – Apps – Atlanta Kotei T8

Mantis KL Magistrates – Anthony Ngo – Vancouver Kotei T8

Mantis Pokémon – Naptime – Atlantic City Kotei T8

Mantis KL Blitz/Swarm – Dan Dineen – Feeding Hills Kotei T8

Mantis Pokémon – Valentine – Atlanta Kotei T16


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