The Top Posts of 2013 on Strange Assembly

As the old year prepares to pass into the new, I thought we should look back over this year at Strange Assembly and see what the most popular content here was during 2013 (I will eschew any determination of what the “best” content was). If we exclude things like previews or the L5R Love Letter announcement or collections of decklists, and focus on unique content, the most read 2013 articles during 2013 were (I have to say “2013 articles” because the number one read unique article during 2013, exceeding even all but one of the L5R previews, was the review of the Beta version of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, which was from August 2012):

T-1) Review – Numenera

T-1) Hack the Planet: Netrunner Deckbuilding Basics

(note: since I first prepped this post, the Numenera review and Jay’s Netrunner deckbuilding article have flip-flopped as to which has the most reads, and Numenera is currently up by something like 6 out of thousands, so I’m calling this one a tie)

3) The Big Book of Bluffing (Netrunner)

4) Review – Age of Rebellion Beta (Star Wars RPG)

5) Emperor Arc’s Best Personality Cards: A Thoroughly Subjective List

6) The Most Powerful Personality Cards in Emperor Arc: A Hopefully Less Thoroughly Subjective List

7) Review – Edge of the Empire (Release Version) (Star Wars RPG)

8) Review – Love Letter: Kanai Factory Limited Edition

9) Review – Coils of Madness (L5R CCG)

10) Decks to Beat: ToP Lizard Wizards

Of course, this is a little unfair to more recent posts, since they haven’t had the time to accumulate readers like some of the older things. But, well, that’s the breaks.

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