Preview – Mukudori’s Wisdom (Gates of Chaos)

OK, now AEG is really just messing with me. See, there’s this fellow, Mukudori, you may have heard of him:

So, here’s the problem with this guy – he’s not just a Fudoist, he’s the head Fudoist. Which means he’s the head blasphemous fool, as far as I can tell. See, I spent a couple of months as this guy at WC3:

And his #1 mission was basically CRUSH THE FUDOISTS! And it was also his most successful mission, since every single delegation that wasn’t (1) run by a Fudoist or (2) assigned half a dozen Fudoist characters signed on to condemn the cultists. So here’s the preview that I should be getting today:

Horume’s Wisdom
Limited: Dishonor target Fudo Personality. Horume challenges him to a duel. Destroy the loser. Horume boasts of his talents. Gain 1 Honor. Go shopping with Yasuki Noa.

(note: the above would be a picture, if I had any clue how to make those neat fake cards that people sometimes do)

Basically Tsuda’s flavor text, as a Strategy:

But, no, instead they give me a preview touting the virtues of the very man they assigned me to discredit at Winter Court 3. At the very least, if they were going to give me a card called Mukudori’s Wisdom, it should look something like this:

But no, instead they gave me this …

Gates_of_Chaos_Final-132… thus continuing the vexing hold that non-Fudo Fudo cards are developing on early-Ivory enlightenment (because they need to both print Ring cards and print Fudo-themed cards, and this lets them kill two birds with one stone).Β At least I can cling to the fact that half of this card is about preventing someone from accessing the fruits of enlightenment.

Oh, yeah, and as for the card as a card … don’t play it in Emperor.


4 thoughts on “Preview – Mukudori’s Wisdom (Gates of Chaos)

  1. But the Fudoists are helping. πŸ™‚ They are doing a great job of countering P’an ku, and hopefully, they will win the Gencon tourney.

    Besides, most of us are really nice guys, and apparently, we have horses at our Fudoist Temples. That’s cool, right? Come on, Horume. Join up. We’ll give you a free horse. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, it’s probably a bit too early to see if this will get played in IE enlightenment. However, I do like that more Fudo related cards are being printed, and Mukudori is an interesting character. I also really like the art on this card.

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