Kotei 2013 Storyline Update #1

Kotei 2013 has already lived up to its “There Will Be Blood” title, with two characters already chosen to die. AEG may end up keeping a public running tally of all the various moving parts for this Kotei season, but until that happens, we’ll be keeping one for you here at Strange Assembly.

There are three sets of figures to be tracked this Kotei season. The easiest, and presumably the most important, is the Colonies v. Empire vote. The second is the Warlord of the Colonies tally. And the third (and most complicated) is the clan v. clan figures to determine who will be snatching territory from whom. All three will be updated in these posts, along with a running tally of the results of the final matches.

Note that each of the three different sets of figures will likely be incomplete at certain parts of the season, depending on when and if the Kotei TOs publicly post all of the information necessary. For this post, the clan v. clan figures are complete for all five Kotei, but the Empire v. Colonies data is missing almost half of the votes (mostly how the Kotei winners voted), and the Warlord tally is missing two of the five Kotei (the Warlord tally will probably be the most frequently missing some information, as it requires the TO to have posted the most extensive information). Note that the Colonies v. Empire vote will be updated with individual votes even if all of the data from a particular Kotei has not yet been published, but the Warlord and clan-on-clan tallies will not be updated with partials from a particular Kotei, as I think there’s too great a chance of me making an error in what has or has not been included.

As with the clan performance breakdowns, remember that with only one weekend of data so far, you can expect massive swings for a while.

Empire v. Colonies (Atlanta and other partial reports): 1-5 (does not include Jewel Champion votes, which I need to go look up)

Warlord (Atlanta, Highland, Vancouver): No character has more than two appearances. Characters with two appearances are Kakita Seishi, Mirumoto Michi, En’you, Moshi Umiko, Yoritomo Kanaye, Yoritomo Kanahashi (now presumed dead), Agasha Kodo, and Asako Jirou. Another 24 characters have 1 appearance.

Clan on Clan violence (complete data) (where more than one clan is indicated this means there is a tie):

Crab take a location from Phoenix/Scorpion (2 victories).
Crane take a location from ??? (no reported victories)
Dragon take a location from Lion/Mantis/Phoenix/Unicorn (1 victory).
Lion take a location from Phoenix (5 victories).
Mantis take a location from Lion/Phoenix (2 victories).
Phoenix take a location from Crab/Dragon (6 victories).
Scorpion take a location from Lion (1 victory).
Spider take a location from ??? (no reported victories).
Unicorn take a location from Mantis (1 victory).

Kotei finals results (subject to Story Team approval):

Atlanta: Agasha Kodo kills Yoritomo Katashi
Pasadena: Ikoma Shizuka kills Shiba Sansesuke
Feedings Hills: Zlkyt takes Isawa Kojiro hostage
Highland: Kaiu Genji takes Asako Jurou hostage
Vancouver: Asako Karachu honorably spares Tamori Tamoko

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