Clan Tourney Success in the 2013 Kotei Metagame #1

New Kotei season, new format (Torn Asunder), must be time for some new meta-game breakdowns. By the time Kotei season is over, we’ll probably have something statistically significant to say. For now, remember that this is a really small amount of data (only the three Kotei with full data posted) and will almost certainly change drastically in the next couple of weeks.

You can check back here every week (usually Monday) for an updated breakdown. We’ll also be keeping a running tally of the storyline implications of Kotei season (unless and until AEG starts posting one), which will be also be updated weekly, but that will be in a separate post.

Current data set includes full data only for the Atlanta, Highland, and Pasadena Kotei.

Torn Asunder
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut

1) Dragon – 40%
2) Phoenix – 37%
3) Mantis – 33%
4) Crab – 31%
5) Lion – 22%
6) Crane – 15%
7) Spider – 13%
8 ) Unicorn – 11%
8 ) Scorpion – 11%

2 thoughts on “Clan Tourney Success in the 2013 Kotei Metagame #1

    1. Take the average chance (per player) of making the cut. Find the difference between that figure and the average chance for a player of the given clan (this will be negative if the clan is doing worse than average). Divide that difference by the average chance per player. This gives you a percentage. So if Clan X players make the cut 15% of the time, and the average player makes the cut 20% of the time, then the difference would be -5. -5 into 20 equal a relative chance of making the cut of -25%. If Clan Y players make the cut 30% of the time, then the difference would be 10 for a relative chance of making the cut of 50%.

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