Ivory Edition Dragon Clan Previews (L5R CCG)

As most folks reading this are probably aware, the Dragon Clan previews for the upcoming Ivory Edition base set for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG went up today. As you probably are also aware, the Dragon Clan forums were the previews are presented proceeded to crash, for non-bandwidth-related reasons (I know this because we actually host the images here at Strange Assembly, and as you can tell the Strange Assembly website is still up … although hopefully you aren’t reading this at some later date after a flood of traffic crashed Strange Assembly). One of the rules of L5R preview season is that only the site getting the preview is allowed to host the image, although others can post the text and then link back to the original preview site. However, that exclusivity window is also limited, and then the cards go up on the Oracle anyway. I don’t have any indication that The Dragon Clan is going to be back up tonight and some of the Dragon Clan preview cards will be spoiled automatically anyway. So, as far as I can tell, there isn’t really any exclusivity to preserve for TDC anymore, and we’re just delaying when you guys get to see those cards. So I’m going ahead and posting the selection of the Dragon Clan previews that are going to get posted on the Oracle in the middle of the night (my time) anyway, those being the Personalities and the Stronghold. When the Dragon Clan forums get back online, the images below will be removed from this post, and replaced with a link to those forums (note: this may not happen instantaneously, depending on whether I’m asleep, at work, etc. when the forums resume normal operations).

Edit: Previews can now be found at the Dragon Clan forums.

6 thoughts on “Ivory Edition Dragon Clan Previews (L5R CCG)

  1. You know what i like about this stronghold? It’s the fact that it’s a temple, so future effects that check for temples we can now take advantage of… nothing peeved me more than pillars and MONT not being temples, and we couldnt optimize steadfast defense… overall i like it, its a modern HOT

  2. Why would anyone run the first Stronghold when the 2nd one does the same plus more? Unless I am missing something?

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