Hack the Planet: State of the factions: NBN/ Anarch post genesis cycle

Hello, and welcome to the final installment in our wrap up of the genesis cycle environment. Today we’ll look at NBN and the Anarchs.


First up, Fox news. For most of the arc they’ve had two decks: fast advance thanks to Sansan and Tag & Bag by importing Scorched Earth to take advantage of their plethora of tags. Tag and Bag has been mostly unchanged as the cycle went on, mostly getting a few new ways of landing the tags. Fast advance on the other hand has gotten a few nice boosts, from the new identity giving a smaller deck, to a number of 3 cost agendas letting it do it’s speed properly.

Additionally, with the end of the cycle, NBN has finally gotten the tag storm deck to a stable point. There’s a wacky combo version off of Mid Season Replacements, but generally speaking NBN can run a deck which keeps the Runner buried under tags and then uses Closed Accounts and Psychographics to make them pay for said tags.

In whole, NBN is in a good place at the end of the arc with several solid, playable decks. Between Tollbooth and now Flare they have some of the better high cost ICE, with Tollbooth being one of the few code gates that cost anything against Yog-o-saurus. Only the lack of in faction economy keeps it from being the top Corp: both Weyland and HB are above it for this reason.

NBN final score: 7 Agenda points


Anarchs are still happy causing rampant destruction, be it deck or resources. Noise continues to destroy Corporate assets with a well fleshed out suite of Viruses. The Whizzard on the other hand can keep a Corp from having any asset based economy. Either way Anarchs excel at forcing the Corp to split their ICE between more servers than they really want to as they now need to protect either archives or their economy.

Liberated Accounts gives Anarchs (and any other Runner who wants to import it) a nice boost to their economy. Imp gives Anarchs some excellent destructive capability. And with the Morning Star Anarchs can set up a rig that can cheaply get past most ICE it encounters, at the cost of being completely shut out if the ICE is too strong.

On the whole, Whizzard feels like he still needs some non-Virus support to feel like you wouldn’t be better off with Noise, though he is still quite formidable. He also has issues with the fairly popular Weyland no-Asset deck, as it makes his identity worthless. Noise of course forces the Corp to play a completely different game. I’ve seen games for Noise be won simply because he milled out enough Agendas that the Corp literally could’t win. I think the only reason Anarchs aren’t top of the Runner heap right now is that Criminals are even dumber.

Anarch final score: 9 virus counters

As always, let me know how wrong I am in the comment section. If I’m not discouraged I’ll keep doing this. You have been warned. 😛

Happy Hacking!

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