Episode 118 – And Eternity

Weekend update! The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Legend of the Five Rings Lead Designer Bryan Reese stops by to talk about the most recent Ivory Edition Design Diaries, plus the power level of dueling in Ivory, gold acceleration, rice farmers, card advantage and guys with Followers. Oh, and maybe somebody spills the beans on how the Eternity-bugged cards from Forgotten Legacy will fit into Ivory Edition.

Strange Assembly – Episode 118 – And Eternity


3 thoughts on “Episode 118 – And Eternity

  1. Can’t see how increasing the number of positive focus effects is going to change anything to the current dueling problem, if you can’t focus first as duelist? If there are more positive than negative ones, people opposing a duelist player just won’t focus at all, as they did in EE in most cases. So call me unimpressed with Bryan’s reinsurance to the dueling players. He is basically answering by fixing a non-existing problem but not fixing the very real one (the fact that people won’t focus at all).

    1. MRP stands for Most Recent Printing – when they reprint an older card with different text (sometimes a little different, sometimes a lot) then the text of the most recent printing is what counts.

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