Episode 111 – Revolutions

Three new episodes in one week? Apparently we are that crazy dedicated. In podcast #111, Chris sits down with the lead designer of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Bryan Reese, to talk about the recent Ivory Edition designer diaries on Draft and Improvements to the Game – including your questions from Twitter, and even some things beyond the scope of those design diaries. Topics covered include:

– why isn’t Ivory just releasing in November?
– packs per box after Ivory?
– will “rare themes” just be better than “common themes?”
– how will only one Stronghold convey enough about a Clan?
– what if they mess up and have unbalanced strongholds?
– the central concept of each Clan, as seen by Reese
– how will sensei be used?
– how often will clans get new sensei?
– how do the legality bugs and the new formats work?
– why have different legalities?
– what’s the future of promos?

Strange Assembly – Episode 111 – Revolutions

One thought on “Episode 111 – Revolutions

  1. Very interesting episode.

    A couple thoughts:
    1. Bryan’s description of the Mantis is what appealed to me when I first started playing them. Yoritomo’s seizure of great clan status, his refusal of Shinjo’s offer… there’s a reason that his picture appears on The Age of Man. But I agree with Chris that it’s been years since that’s been a significant part of their story treatment.
    2. I have a feeling that sensei are going to have a more troubled time in the game than Bryan suggests, especially with the number he’s planning to bring into the game.

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