Episode 094 – Flashback Story Time

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! Old school cast member Jon Freeman returns to Strange Assembly for a chat about the story behind the nine clan-specific “flashback” Personalities from Coils of Madness (Hida O-Ushi, Doji Hoturi, Togashi Mitsu, Matsu Nimuro, Tsuruchi, Isawa Tsuke, Bayushi Kachiko, Kokujin and Iuchi Karasu).

Strange Assembly – Episode 094 – Flashback Story Time

5 thoughts on “Episode 094 – Flashback Story Time

  1. ‘Tsuruchi for the Mantis Clan, except not really’

    So, you think there’s a legitimate reason that Tsuruchi isn’t a Mantis Clan personality, despite having Mantis printed n him, but you mock the Spider players for being upset that Kokujin doesn’t have Spider Clan on him.

    Could your bias BE any more obvious?

    1. And here I was thinking that the comment I’d get regarding my Tsuruchi statements would be the observation that Tsuruchi himself actually was personally a member of the Mantis Clan for something like 5 years (after the Wasp got folded into the Mantis, but before he became Tanari) – he just never had a “Mantis Clan” card (he of course had YA cards, which were mechanically the same faction), and was not in the Mantis Clan (or even Yoritomo’s Alliance) during the time frame he’s depicted on the CoM card.

      1. I was just going to mock you for getting the three-man alliance totally wrong, since Tsuruchi was actually in it and Yoritomo wasn’t, but hey. (It was the Fox, Sparrow, and Wasp aligned against the Scorpion, for the record – The Sparrow stayed out of Yoritomo’s Alliance rather than risk what bushi they had)

        I’d have been okay with Tsuruchi getting Wasp Clan and a discount for Mantis players, honestly, but Yoritomo’s Alliance printed would have been an awful idea for the sake of new players since they’re mechanically identical but that doesn’t have to be pointed out outside of legacy formats.

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