Clan Tourney Success in Kotei Season 2013 #7

Three Kotei this weekend, with full data included for all of those. Phoenix notched another win, but an Imperial deck did as well. Dragon remains the lone entrant without a win (if you let the Imperials stand in for all unaligned decks, anyway, be they TFT, Ronin, or otherwise), but did get to the finals in one (so, I wrote that without any irony, an then I remember that this is the Kotei season where losing in the finals can be really bad – still, CCG-wise, it’s a positive sign).

We’ve also got all of the information for the old Kotei, so the chart below is now fully up-to-date.

Torn Asunder
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut

Make the Cut Rankings

1 ) Mantis – 27%
2 ) Phoenix – 26%
3 ) Crab – 25%
3a ) Unaligned – 24%
4 ) Unicorn 23%
5 ) Scorpion – 20%
6 ) Dragon – 18%
7 ) Lion – 17%
8 ) Crane – 15%
9 ) Spider – 14%

The clan-on-clan standings are now missing only Green Bay. Results as of now would be:

Crab take a location from Phoenix.

Crane take a location from Dragon.

Dragon take a location from Lion/Mantis.

Lion take a location from Phoenix.

Mantis take a location from Phoenix.

Phoenix take a location from Mantis.

Scorpion take a location from Crab/Phoenix.

Spider take a location from Phoenix.

Unicorn take a location from Mantis.

So, Phoenix down to “only” being projected to lose 4.5 locations!

Matchup Data (minimum 6 matches):

Phoenix over Dragon – 89%
Phoenix over Crane – 83%
Phoenix over Unicorn – 75%
Unicorn over Crab – 71%
Phoenix over Crab – 67%
Phoenix over Scorpion – 67%
Unicorn over Mantis – 67%
Mantis over Lion – 67%
Phoenix over Mantis – 59%
Lion over Phoenix – 57%
Spider over Phoenix – 57%
Crab split with Scorpion – 50%

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