Clan Tourney Success in Kotei Season 2013 #11

A noteworthy time for the Kotei season two weekends ago, as another of the leading contenders for Warlord (Omigawa) is killed off, and a Winter Court 3 homebrew is, rather than being spared to be nice to the player, killed off to spite the player (R.I.P. Saigo). DRAMA!

After seven Kotei two weekends ago, last weekend only saw one. We have the data for that one, but the mega-weekend is coming up a bit short, with three of the Kotei not having posted full data.

Overall, we’ve seen the Phoenix stagnate in the number of wins, with the Mantis really picking up steam. TFT and Imperial decks continue have become more common and successful (probably because the particular decklists involved have become more publicly available). Scorpion and Unicorn have also continued to have solid runs, while Crab has started sagging.

Torn Asunder
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut

“Make the Cut” Rankings

1a ) Unaligned/Imperial – 30%
1 ) Phoenix – 25%
2 ) Mantis – 25%
3 ) Crab – 23%
4 ) Unicorn – 22%
AVERAGE (if you count Unaligned/Imperial as a Clan, which we usually don’t) – 20.5%
5 ) Scorpion – 20%
AVERAGE (if you don’t count U/I as a Clan, which is our SOP) – 19.5%
6 ) Lion – 17%
7 ) Dragon – 16%
8 ) Spider – 15% (how many of these are you anyway, Sparks?)
9 ) Crane – 13%

With less complete public data recently, and with cross-referencing between the collected public data and Briscoe’s posted data showing discrepancies, the projections on who will be taking a territory from whom are of less value than I once thought they’d be (especially since a lot of these are differences of one or two wins). But, for whatever it’s worth, these would be the results based on the publicly reported data so far:

Crab takes from Phoenix.

Crane takes from Dragon.

Dragon takes from Lion.

Lion takes from Phoenix.

Mantis takes from Phoenix.

Phoenix takes from Mantis.

Scorpion takes from Lion.

Spider takes from Phoenix.

Unicorn takes from Crab/Mantis.

Well, I suppose the bright side of the Phoenix not destroying the universe as much lately is that they’re down to “only” losing four locations.

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