Episode 075 – Saigo

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris chats with Dan Dineen about the recently completed Winter Court 3 play-by-post forum RPG game, where Dan played Mantis courtier Yoritomo Saigo.

Strange Assembly – Episode 075 – Saigo

5 thoughts on “Episode 075 – Saigo

  1. Couldn’t you just have said ‘This episode contains Dan Dineen’, instead of ‘this episode contains explicit language’?

    I mean the warning’s pretty much the same.

    1. Sort of, but not really. I can’t assume that everyone knows Dan or his language habits (or that I didn’t censor him). And since this is the first episode of SA that’s ever carried an explicit tag (and they frequently carry clean tags), it needed to be clear.

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