Clan Tourney Success in Kotei 2013 Non-Update

Last weekend was the first for the new Coils of Madness environment, which means that – while we can potentially continue on and clump these tournaments in with the previous ones, such a combination of statistics would be largely meaningless. There were four Kotei last weekend, but at the moment there’s only full data on two of them, and it was the smaller of the two. So no table of figures today, as it would really be beyond pointless. Let me pause for a moment to cheer for Dragon getting on the board though, along with Lion, Mantis, and Spider notching additional wins.

I will go ahead and throw out my current guesstimate for the clan violence results (we did get all four Kotei of that data this weekend, and it doesn’t matter that there was an environmental shift):

Crab take from Phoenix.

Crane take from Dragon.

Dragon take from Lion/Mantis/Scorpion (would be TFT if that was an option, which would be rather appropriate from a story point of view).

Lion take from Phoenix.

Mantis take from Phoenix.

Phoenix take from Mantis.

Scorpion take from Lion.

Spider take from Phoenix

Unicorn take from Crab/Mantis.


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